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Lulu is the easiest FREE publishing company!


I absolutely love LULU! They are a premier online publishing website that offers a high quality product for book buyers and book publishers too. I have made several purchases of books through LULU to support friends who have written books. The books came in a very high quality and I was not disappointed at all. I have also gone through the process of creating my own publications and it is so amazingly easy I could hardly believer it. I did not actually produce a book yet, but when all the details are finally completed, I would not hesitate at all to take the plunge. Uploading the document and going through the process of choosing page sizes, binding types, and all the other little niceties that come with the book publishing, will make for a great product once completed. Their pricing is also extremely good. You can publish one book or a hundreds. They price your book according to the quantity and you get reductions with bulk. You can also sell your books to the public through LULU and make a profit based on your own preference for margin. Highly recommend LULU. They are a great operation and put out a very good product.

Trenton, NJ


Buy Books, Publish Your Book, Plus More with Lulu.com


I have been considering writing and publishing a book that I could market and sell at speaking engagements I hold. My book was basically written as it would just be a collaboration of the speeches I give. I wasn't sure where to turn or how to start. I did a little research online and found Lulu.com. They offer a lot of services ranging from book publishing to calendar creations. I can write the book on my own but Lulu is going to help me with the rest. For a small fee, compared to other places, I'm having my book professionally edited and an expert is designing a cover. I discovered how important a book's jacket really is and it's a project that is best left to an expert and I'm getting that professionalism with Lulu.com. I've paid for publishing which includes my first edition prints along with e-publishing. Lulu.com will help get my book be available in electronic format and available for download and/or purchase through numerous vendors. By far Lulu.com is the best bang for your buck and all the professional help you'll need.




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