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Very Disappointing; an absolute Waste of thought and time!


I purchased sample vials and was extremely disappointed in the money I Wasted!! First of all, the shipping was very late and took forever! When I received the vials, they were much much smaller than expected and not even full at that! I'm so mad I wasted my money and got my expectations up!

St. Augustine, FL


Always compare prices


I was referred to the LuckyScent site by a friend. To be honest I didn't like it from the very beginning. I initially thought the website itself was a bit shabby looking and a bit plain. I decided I would still browse around. I quickly noticed an awesome deal regarding free samples with a purchase of a certain amount. I decided to purchase several candles. I had finally found something I loved. Their candles are excellent quality and quite unique as well. They have all sorts of character inspired candles - such as Benjamin Franklin or Napoleon. I found that the candles I purchased were slow burning which sort of made the price seem less expensive - considering the quality of them. I enjoyed receiving my free samples as well. It helped to level out the cost. Things I don't like about the site are that when you visit the free samples area you will quickly find out that the samples are not free at all. You will end up paying $4.00 or more for a very small vile that isn't even full. The other thing I don't like is the overall pricing on some of their candles - because they are basically the same quality of another brand of high end candle which costs less than half of what the charge. You'll really have to browse for a while in order to find a good deal on this site. Product Pricing Comparing prices and careful browsing is a must.



Fragrances to please everyone


If you love great smelling perfumes, cologne for your man, or you like to burn oil and candles in your home, then this is the website for you. LuckyScent.com is amazing and has something for everyone. The best part of this website is that you don't have to spend a fortune on a scent and then get it ton only find out that you don't like it or it doesn't work with your body chemistry. You can order samples of all the perfumes and fragrance oils for around four dollars each. I could spend all day going down the list of samples and trying to decide which ones I want to purchase. There are so many choices to choose from. To help you narrow down the search they have a list of the top sellers. I personally love candles and have ordered a couple on this site that are now my favorites of all candles I've ever bought. "The Pink Room. UK" and "Solange" smell absolutely amazing. I recommend this site to anyone who is looking to experiment a little bit with fragrances and find what they like best without having to spend a fortune to do so.



When you want something decadent and unique


Lucky Scent is fantastic. The site is very helpful for someone buying hard to find perfumes online. The descriptions are scrumptous, almost like buying wine. The Top Picks page is a nice place to start. Most of the perfumes have reviews which is also very helpful and gives a more practical depiction of the scent.  If you fear committment to a bottle, you can order samples. I know the types of scent I like and have had very good luck choosing perfumes based on the descriptions and reviews. They also send free samples with orders.

Columbia, MO


Thank goodness for samples


What a great site. I bought several samples, and thank goodness they were offered. I did not like, not one of the scents, but I only spent $12 and am happy it was not more. On a good note I did find a scent that I did like (I bought it directly from the perfume maker) but I will keep going back. I do have a few signature scents (if you have more than one is it a signature?) but I do love to try new things, so this site is perfect. Great selection, things I haven't even seen in a store, and samples!

Portage, MI



4.0 5