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Luck's Fried Apples

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Hearty Southern fried taste


My grandmother and mother in law both fied ho,e made fried apples that were delicious. As her health began to decline in the late 1990's my grandma would ask me to purchase Luck's canned Fried Apples athe the grocery store. I have been using them ever since. While no canned product wi ever taste 100% like home cooking, Luk's Friend Apples comes pretty close. Luck's Fried Apples come in a 15 ounce can.There are about 3 1.2 servings in each can. And 110 calories to a serving. Luck's Fried Apples are mouth watering, delicious and sweet. There is not much nutritional value except 8% dietary fiber and 6 % Vitamin C. And they are fat free. The authentic Southern flavor of Luck's Fried Apples remind me of old fashioned country cooking from when I was a child. A benefit is that the Luck's Fried apples are in large tastey chunks. Home cooked apples often turn into mush. I eat Luck's Fried Apples with breakfast. Sometimes as a late in teh evening snack. They are quik to fix and taste good.

Roanoke, VA


Luck's Fried Apples

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