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Luccio Celebration Wines Muscat, Dessert

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Luccio Muscato Di'Asti gets an excellent from a wine lover.


***Luccio Muscato Di' Asti is an excellent choice of sweet bubbly.  There are a few domestic Muscato wines available, but none will compare with the robust sweet flavor and fruity appeal of this one. Luccio wines are reasonably priced for their variates and content of the bottle. Some Italian Muscato wines are much more expensive and do not have the aroma or pallet taste that this one has. This is a great choice and I highly recommend it to any wine lover.***


Crestline, OH


Luccio Moscato D'Asti...my all time favorite!


The great reviews that I have found on the Internet about it are all right, it's superb! I know that it's a dessert wine, but I love it all the time! It's not very expensive, it has a slightly sweet flavor of fruit and a slight fizz. It's best served cold in a wine glass, not a flute, and it is suggested that it compliments fruits, desserts, or simply on it's own, but personally I think it tastes great with anything! 


Carrington, ND


Luccio Celebration Wines Muscat, Dessert

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