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Loving Naturals
Loving Naturals UVA/UVB Vegan Sunscreen SPF 30

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great sinscreen


I love that this is cruelty free and chemical-free. It is not greasy or white on my oily skin and I can use liquid or powder makeup over it it will still be flawless. SPF protection lasts at least a couple hours.

Buffalo NY


An effective sunscreen with good-for-your-skin ingredients


Having extremely sensitive skin, I really appreciate having a sunscreen that doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out. This Loving Naturals products has done just that - protected my skin from the sun, without causing flaky skin or skin allergies. It can be a little difficult to put on (like any sunscreen, really), but it stays well even during moderate exercise and has some great hydrating ingredients that even acne prone skin (which I also have) can appreciate. Scent If you smell this product, you'll think 'this smells like sunscreen.' There's really no other way to describe the mild scent. Since there isn't any added fragrance, none of the ingredients stand out as the dominant smell. Absorption You have to rub this product into your face really well to get an even coating without any white spots. Once you've done that it seems to easily take to your skin like any other moisturizer - likely because of all the moisturizing ingredients. (Which is great since sunscreen has to absorb into skin to be effective.) Longevity I wear this sunscreen under my primer and makeup, and it stays put. Although I don't see too many harsh, sunny days in the Pacific Northwest this product seems to stack up against other, more mainstream sunscreens. Effectiveness The active sunscreen ingredient is non-nano zinc oxide - the most effective UVA/UVB blocker out there. The debate about whether or not nano particles are safe in sunscreen and get absorbed by the bloodstream is hotly debated. Until I know the answers, I feel a little more reassured using non-nano sun protection products. Ease of Application Applying this product takes some vigorous rubbing action, but once it's on there it stays for good.



Loving Naturals UVA/UVB Vegan Sunscreen SPF 30

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