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Love Sac
Love Sac Beanbag

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Great product but terrible customer service


The lovesac is a great product. However Customer Service is horrible. The zipper broke on the cover and so I needed to get it replaced. Even though they say they have a life time warranty on their product, since I didn't keep my receipt, they wouldn't honor it despite the fact that the cover has their name embroidered all over it!  Too bad they don't understand the importance of Customer Service.

Vancouver, WA


Lovesac 5 Piece Sactional - Poor customer service. Big Mistake!


I purchased a Lovesac Sactional during their Cyber Monday Sale.  The Lovesac website was hammered from all of the people making online purchases.  It took me 3 hours to complete my purchase.  I purchased the 4 piece sactional with the ottoman.  What i recieved was only the 4 piece sactional without the extra base (ottoman).  In addition, one of the base covers was defective and another base cover was missing from my order.  So all in all I was short 2 base cover sets, a base sactional, and a replacement cover for a defective cover.  It is now almost THREE MONTHS later with weekly calls to their customer service number and I have still not received any of the requested items.  The customer service persons seem very pleasant and seem to want to help.  Each time I call they tell me they see my account and then proceed to tell me they have to do research on my request.  I have sent pictures per their request of the defective cover and spent countless hours going over my dilemma.  I will never buy a Lovesac product again based upon my terrible buying and customer service experience.  I only have half of the sactionals in use right now because of the shortage.  I do like the comfort of the furniture though the cushions seem to need fluffing every few days.  I feel for the premium price that one pays for sactional furniture, one should not have to keep fluffing up the cushions.  But it is what it is.  I also noticed that the base cushions need to be reposition to their original spot on the base unit everytime someone sits on it.  The velco on the base unit and cushion do not hold very well, so you have to keep placing it back to its rightful position.  A better design is to have cloth hooks on the base unit and cushion as done on other higher-end furniture.  This review may sound like a rant - and it is.  I am being more critical of Lovesac Sactionals because of how sorry I am in making the wrong choice in my puchase. I made my choice based upon the product and not based on overall customer satisfaction, ie. customer service.  A big mistake on my part.

Englewood, CO


Love Sac...Good So Far!


I just got a super sac and the 5 piece sectional.  To be honest I had no idea how much work it took to fluff the super sac. This thing is huge and I love it! We tossed it in the middle of our great room for watching movies. The sectional is great for someone like me who is constantly moving furniture! I can create so many different pieces!  I also ordered custom cover that will hopefully be delivered in a few weeks. Everything seems to be quite durable. The furniture seems to be made of solid wood and hooks together very tight.  I thought the price was a little high, but it's really hard to find furnature made of solid wood these days.  The only con I have is the foam does have a strong smell, but seems to go away after a few days. Overall I'm pleased so far and can't wait for my covers to arrive! - Cassie Duley

Prince Frederick, MD


usable sometimes...


I purchased three of these as my neices and nephews were coming to stay with us just after the 4th of July. These are nice and big and don't have to much give which is nice. The kids loved them and used them mainly for sitting in front of the tv and playing video games. Have had them since the beginning of July and have not lost any stuffing, etc. Overall I would recommend these beanbags as fun but they do not last a whole long time, neither are they that great for yI will say it is nicely stuffed in comparison to similar beanbag chairs purchased at large chain stores. I'm sure the little kids will love it. our backs.

Fairfield, CT


Cool Product, HORRIBLE Online Service


On September 7th I bought the SuperSac LoveSac online at the LoveSac website.  I didn't receive the sac until well into October, about 6 weeks later.  I guess when you place your order it states that it will take 2-4 weeks to ship, but I didn't see this.  I found that out from the costumer service rep that emailed me back after my inquiry about where the LoveSac is!  Anyway, 6 weeks is longer than 2-4.  Mind you I was charged when I placed the order, so I was getting nervous that I wouldn't receive a sac at all and be out several hundred bucks! THEN, they ship the sac and it's cover separately.  So now, 7 and a half weeks later, I have a bare sac and no cover for it!  I have 2 dogs, and I really didn't want dog hair all over the sac without a washable cover on it.   I emailed customer service again and was told the cover was on back order until the end of November and that I should have received an update letting me know.  I searched my email (I have gmail and archive all my messages, so I can search for any message ever sent to me) and guess what, no message stating a back order ever came up!!  And it was not clear at the time of purchase that this cover was back ordered. LoveSac has very poor communication with online orders.  The site is fun, great looking and interesting, but they're service/communication is very poor.  For such an expensive product, you think they could do a little better than that.  I'm very disappointed! So if you order a sac plus cover, expect your sac in 6 weeks, and cover only God knows when.  Oh, and expect your debit/credit card to be charged RIGHT AWAY.  Yes, they're good at taking the cash, poor at delivering they're product. ABOUT THE SAC.  It's wonderful.  It's very comfortable and you can shape it to fit you and how you want to sit.  The only thing is it will off gas for a while after you buy it and has a strong smell from the foam they fill it with when you sit in it.  The smell has lessened in the time since it's arrival, but it's still there and is not faint.  Other than the smell and lack of cover for the sac, I love the sac itself.  I just wish I drove the hour to the actual store to buy a sac there myself.  I will not use their online service ever again! I do recommend this product but with 2 suggestions.  1) You buy the product from the store and avoid the online order process.  2) You allow the sac to air out, preferably outside, for several days to weeks. I may buy another sac at some point, but definitely will not use the online ordering.  It is worth the drive to the store.

Marina Del Rey, CA


I'm in love with my Love Sac!


Although the name may be misleading, a **Love Sac** is really just a bean bag. Don't be fooled, though. Love Sacs are not just any bean bags. A Love Sac comes in many sizes and can fit as many as *five* people at one time, so you, your spouse, the kids and the dog could enjoy relaxing in a Love Sac all at once!Now, unlike an ordinary bean bag that comes in one color with one type of material cover (and some really uncomfortable beans inside), a Love Sac can wear many different colors. There are different colored covers and different types of material for these covers. Just think: one month you can dress your Love Sac up with a pink suede cover and the next it could be red velvet! Ooo-la-la. Oh, and getting back to those uncomfortable beans in a bean bag. **Love Sac** uses tightly packed fluff inside their bags. Bye-bye broken backs from an ordinary bean bag; hellooooo relaxation.The Love Sac company also sells **Sactionals** now. Sactionals are glorified sectional couches. I do not personally own any of their media room or living room furniture, but I could guess that is just as comfortable (but more mature for the main rooms in your apartment or home) as an original Love Sac bag. Again, the Sactionals' covers can be changed, and the pieces can be bought separately so that you can design your furniture to fit your mood or your room configurations.I recommend **Love Sacs** to all of my friends for use in their apartments or bedrooms. They're unique, comfortable and cute! Just don't forget to name your Love Sac. Trust me, it will become an extra family member before long.

Chicago, IL


Love Sac Beanbag

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