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Hot Sauce
Louisiana Gem
Louisiana Gem Garlic Hot Sauce

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Delicious flavor in this Louisiana Gem Garlic Hot Sauce!


I love trying new hot sauces, so when I see one I haven't tried before that is reasonably priced, I'll buy it.  At my last trip to the 99 Cent Only store, I came across a hot sauce that looked delicious - Garlic Hot Sauce.  Garlic and hot sauce are two of my ingredients, so it was definitely worth trying. **Louisiana Gem Garlic Hot Sauce **comes in a huge 17 ounce bottle and costs only 99 cents.  It says right on the bottle's temperature gauge, that this is a mild hot sauce and I agree.  On a scale of 1 to 10, the heat level of this hot sauce is a 4.  I prefer the heat of my hot sauces to be about a 6 or a 7, so this isn't quite spicy enough for me, but it is really delicious. The garlic in this "garlic hot sauce" is what really makes this sauce.  While the garlic isn't overwhelming, it definitely stands out.  The dominant flavors are garlic and vinegar, followed by the spiciness of the peppers. Ingredients: cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, salt, spices and xanthan gum. Even though it isn't as spicy as I would like it to be, the flavor of this sauce makes it worthwhile.  If you like garlic and/or mild hot sauces, you should check out **Louisiana Gem Garlic Hot Sauce**.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Louisiana Gem Garlic Hot Sauce

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