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Lotrel Amlodipine-Benaz 5/20MG

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Lotrel Wins Over Silent Killer


**My doctor and I went through many months of trial and err trying to combat my problem with high blood pressure.  It runs in our family and I seem to have inherited this.  After trying various medications my doctor concluded that the pain I was experiencing on a daily basis due to a spinal disorder was causing my pressure to remain high.  One time when I went into his office, my pressure reading was 280 over 120.  It was than he asked me to take a sample of Lotrel right than.  He said we would wait about 15 minutes to see what happened and that if the blood pressure did not come down...he would immediately send me to the hospital.  Thank God, the medication worked substantially.  The next reading was 135 over 90.  Because it was that high, I had to report to him every few days so that he could keep tabs on if they Lotrel continued to work.  High Blood pressure is nothing to play around with.  You could have a stroke or heart attack.  Also with this prescription medication, one must read every over the counter medication that you purchase.  There are a lot of cough syrups and cold medications that clash with blood pressure medications. Be careful and kind to yourself.**

Fort Gratiot, MI


Lotrel Amlodipine-Benaz 5/20MG

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