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Lornmead Natural White Senstive Toothpaste

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Natural White Sensitive Toothpaste doesn't seem to whiten.


In my search for a toothpaste that truly whitens my teeth I have purchased many different toothpaste brands and I have yet to find anything that actually whitens.  I have to admit that I drink tea daily. I also smoke cigarettes and have teeth that are naturallya yellowish tint. Maybe I am seeking something that I will never find. I have been using Lornamead Natural White Sensitive Toothpaste for two months, twice daily.I have not seen any improvement in the color of my teeth. I do recommend this product if you have sensitive teeth. It has helped to reduce tooth sensitivity considerably. Ice cream isn't nearly as painful as it was 6 weeks ago.  It also leaves my breath clean and has a taste that is not unpleasant.   So if you are seeking relief from sensitivity this toothpaste is for you. However, if you are trying to find a whitening toothpaste that whitens, I would look to a different product.

Englewood, CO


Lornmead Natural White Senstive Toothpaste

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