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Loreal Lash Architect 3D Dramatic Mascara

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Lash Architect Builds My Lashes


I love eye makeup in general and mascara specifically.  I am often trying out new brands and products looking for those black, thick, dramatic lashes.  My eyes are where I focus my makeup buying and using, and I want them to pop.  I love Loreals mascaras especially the lash architect.  It's simple to apply.  with just a couple flicks of the wand applicator, I receive blacker lashes that stand out.  It grabs a hold of my lashes and lengthens them without clumping.  I clean under my eyes after applying but don't notice smudges or streaks throughout the day.  I use the darkest black color and love the dark, dramatic effect.  I feel like this mascara separates my lashes nicely.  It's basic enough for me to use every day and still gives me a wide eye look.  The price is reasonable and you can find this product in most grocery or drug stores.  L'oreal is a good brand that often has coupons and/or sales making this an even better deal for your money.  I have passed this info along to my mother and often find a tube of Loreal mascara in my stocking at Christmas.  While I still try other mascaras, I always go back to L'oreal Lash Architect and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting longer, darker lashes.

Platte City, MO


Really grabs every lash


The wand on this baby is the real genius behin the whole tube. It's a bit like a spider, fur, thorn like design that grabs every single lash and coats it with a good even amount of mascara. No matter how tiny the lashes, this brush is going to find them and do it's job. ...and trust me, I know all about tiny lashes, considering mine are very short. It does clump very easy and will need to be replaced often, as it seems the formula Loreal used for this mascara is cheaper, powdery, and thinner than that of the more famous ro popular ones. (Voluminous)

Daly City, CA




I have straight lashes that are very hard to curl alone with mascara, so I have to use an eyelash curler beforehand. So I was very suprised that this mascara did not uncurl my lashes after applying it. Many of the other brands I tried just undid my curled lashes after I applied mascara, but this one did not. I wasn't expecting much from this mascara since I haven't had much luck, but once I tried it I was hooked. I also use Chanel's EXTREME CILS INTENSE WATERPROOF...but why pay so much for a tube of mascara when this L'oreal Lash Architect 3D mascara works just as well? I would absolutely recommend this to everyone.

Pearland, TX


Loreal Lash Architect 3D Dramatic Mascara

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