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Loratadine 10 mg antihistamine

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Best Summer Allergy Medicine


For years I suffered from summer allergies. Pollen, hay, dust, you name it my asthma was affected by it. After years of suffering and trying almost 20 different products I was given loratadine to try along with an asthma medicine. My problems soon disappeared. I was mostly worried about the side effects but I haven't had any at all. No dryness at all and I can breathe well all year round. I was even able to run in the spring and summer without having a hard time breathing or my nose running. During the winter time it is a huge help as well. With the dryness in the air my asthma usually flairs up and I can go to my relatives and sleep well even when they have the fireplace going all night. Works just as well as Claritin for a much better price and I don't notice a difference at all in how it works. I'm able to breathe the same on both of them and my nose never runs due to pollen during the summer.



Loratadine 10 mg antihistamine

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