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LORAC aquaPRIME Oil-Free Makeup Primer

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Great primer for sensitive skin


The Lorac AquaPrime goes on before your makeup. It is not oily like so many primers. I started using it and now it's my go-to primer. It really just feels like water but it helps my makeup go on smoother.

Katy, TX


Good primer.


The Lorac aqua prime oil free make up primer is a good base for your make up. It helps my make up last all through the day with no smudging. It does not break out my skin. With that being said, there is nothing special about this primer. It does just as good of a job as drugstore or cheaper brands.



The best face primer!


Everyone seems to want face primer these days....I have tried them all, I also work with them all day, Although Silicone 'feels good' its not for everyone. I have to say that 'AquaPrime' by Lorac is the best! It does not contain silicone. Let me explain...SILICONE...feels good, it floats on the top layer of your skin...fills in the pores...if you keep putting stuff to fill in your pores, don't you think it would eventually make them bigger? It does! Silicone is not good for oily skin. Aquaprime is oil, fragrance and silicone free. It moisturizes and prepares your skin for a smooth application of makeup.Aquaprime contains Hyaluronate which hydrates and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines. It gives your skin a 'drink of water'. It actually cuts some of the red out of your skin, brightens it up. It's the first thing you put on your skin after washing it. You then put your moisturizer on top of it and continue with your make-up aplication. This is awesome for sensative skin. I LOVE IT! With silicone based primers my makeup did not last very long but with this one it was on all day. TRY IT!! You'll love it!

Placentia, CA


LORAC aquaPRIME Oil-Free Makeup Primer

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