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Lopi Freedom Bay

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Don't Buy It!


If someone tries to sell you a Lopi, run the other way! It should be rated with negative stars or none at all. My Freedom Bay is poorly constructed and pieces have been falling off or vibrating incessantly almost since it was professionally installed. It consumes amost double the wood our old stove did but heats far less square footage and does a poor job.We have closed off large parts of our house because this stove cannot heat like it should. It puts out less heat than our smaller, older fireplace insert. It is advertised as heating 2500sq ft but is incapable of heating 1500sq ft well. It takes all day of constant feeding, stoking, adjusting and fussing with the stove to get the living room up to 72F(for contrast, the old stove did 75F+ with no problem). Forget being warm if you have to go somewhere during the day. The door is so poorly fitted that when the stove ran at recommened temp we could not open or (more dangerously) close it. My husband had to grind it down to safely open and close the door. The damper is difficult to operate and anyone who is physically challenged may find it difficult to use. The circulating fan is anemic and inefficient. Lopi does not deal with clients, you must go through your dealer. When we had the dealer out to fix it, he said he could not make the brass trim stop rattling, the damper was just stiff too bad that's the way it is, that's the best the fan can do, and he can't understand why we are unhappy.

Ransomville, NY


Lopi Freedom Bay

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