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Lopi 1750 Wood Stove

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The Lopi 1750 wood stove leaves a lot to be desired


The Lopi 1750 wood burning stove is advertised and sold as an "airtight" stove, this is clearly not the case however. The Lopi 1750 stove is a woodburning stove with an airtight door. The problem with the stove is in the draft control which consists of a flat steel plate attached to a steel rod, which when pushed or pulled, slides the steel plate over or off of a square opening in the bottom of the stove, which is supposed to regulate the amount of combustion air allowed in to the fire box. The problem is that the steel plate is too loosely fitted and even in the fully closed position allows far too much combustion air in which results in wood consumption not much different from the open fireplace that I replaced with the Lopi stove. I currently have three other wood stoves that I heat different buildings and areas with. Two are catalytic and one is pre-EPA without gasketed door or ash drawer, all three of my other stoves out perform the Lopi in terms of wood consumption, fire burn rate control and length of time required between fire box loading, all three by a subsantially wide margin I might add. 

Fairmount, IL


Lopi 1750 Wood Stove

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