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Frame Your Online Photos Using Lunapix.com


If you like to share or store picture on line you might like to make them look more fun and creative by placing them in interesting on line frames. This can be accomplished by using a site called Loonapix.com. Loonapix.com has around 53 silly frames that you can place any picture into. There are also some options where you can place the face of anyone into the body of one of the body options on Loonapix.com, and you there are also some more traditional and cute photo frames. There are also some options to frame pictures inside some basic shapes. All you need to do is go to Loonapix.com. Then go to the main page choose the frame that you wish to use and click on the browse button. This will take you to where your store your pictures on your computer. You simply choose your photo then click on the chosen frame, you can even adjust the size of the photo or the scale, then just hit save and your photo in your frame will be created. You can then email the photo right from Loonapix to your friends and family, just look below the picture. You can also save the created picture to your own computer by right clicking and choosing the "save picture to" option. That is all you need to do to create a funny, cute, or traditional frame on your online photos. Loonapix is super easy to use, and it is fun to make frames around your online photos. It is fun to just sit and play around with photos as well, and it is free to use. If nothing else it is a lot of fun.

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