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Looking Trim
Looking Trim Ephedra P57

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"Ephedra P57" Please Don't Try This Diet Pill


Ephedra is very effective at least it was for me, but it's side effects were also very real and dangerous. I was looking for an easy weight loss booster and this was it. "Ephedra P57" killed my cravings, sometimes I would forget to even eat meals. I was losing about an estimated pound every day to every two days! I was working at the time and I seemed to have a never ending supply of energy! Sounds great right, wrong very wrong. It was about fifteen days into the diet on "Ephedra P57" when I totally crashed from the lack of sleep and nutrition! I realize now it was like I was doped up on speed or something. I couldn't wake up, it didn't matter what my husband did he couldn't get me to wake up! I was asleep for about thirty six hours it almost cost me my job. When I did wake up I felt horrible and ashamed, I was sick. To top everything off I gained the weight back! Effectiveness You'll lose but when you stop it will come right back on! Side Effects Ephedra P57 is like speed it gives you energy causes sleep depravation. It also causes a giant crash after a week to fifteen days then you hit bottom. I gained all of it back.



Causes rage in some people


My husband and I took this drug to help with weight loss while we were working out.  After a week I noticed we were doing a lot of arguing and actual yelling at each other.  I stopped taking this drug, but my husband didn't because he was losing weight rapidly.  Well this is when I really took notice of his raging incidents towards other people.  I convinced him to stop taking the drug.  Use with caution.  

Austin, TX


Unhealthy weight loss


This product does get you going so you don't think about food, as in another review but it is awful and unhealthy in reality.  Jittery and running on empty I lost 2 pounds the first week but then gained three the following week. It is expensive when you really consider it doesn't really work.  It made me so shaky that my employer thought I was on drugs the first day and sent me home early after I explained my real plight well enough to save my job.  I would not recommend this pill for weight loss because it may work at first, but as a stable weight loss pill it doesn't come through.  i think it hyped my system up so much that I lost weight at first, but then once my body realized the pill was is the system and i still wasn't eating how i was used to it began to shut my metabolism down.  I wouldn't recommend this pill to my worst enemy if you paid me to do it.  A weight loss pill should be more of a steady aid than these are.

Boulder, CO


I love it, it really works!!


this is a real review from a real average woman... I never know if what I'm reading is true or made up, but I assure you, this is for real! This product really works!! I have used it on 2 different occassions and lost about 20 lbs in 3 months both times with no exercise. It gives me a ton of energy! I do feel a litle jittery for the first 2 days, but after that I have no side effects. I would absolutely recommend trying this product!

Hayward, WI




Since I started using the weight loss pill, I have changed the way I eat, the way that I work out, and my whole way of thinking about life.  I feel better, and I look better. I don't have mood swings, and I really enjoy life alot more. Thanks Jadefree

Winston Salem, NC


Looking Trim Ephedra P57

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