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Loncraine Broxton
Loncraine Broxton Dumb Dares

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Dumb Dares is a fun way to get a few laughs in the office.


I received DUMB DARES card game as a Christmas gift last year.  It was given to me by the spouse of a coworker and she is known to have a good sense of humor. Dumb Dares consists of a deck of cards and the "Diabolical Dare Selector".  Basically, you choose a card from the Dumb Dares card pack.  You then tap the base of the Diabolical Dare Selector and the lights will display which dare on the card you need to complete.  If the green light on the Dare Selector illuminates, you must perform the dreaded Extreme Dumb Dare. Some of the dares are: - Growl every time someone walks past your desk. - Pretend to have a long phone conversation with somone in a foreign language. - Say thank you to the copier every time it copies a page. - Put mosquito netting around your work area.  Play a tape of jungle sounds all day. As you can see, alot of these are silly and cannot actually be done in a professional setting.  These cards are good for a laugh in the middle of a workday and makes for a good (inexpensive) present for a coworker during the holidays.    

Naperville, IL


Loncraine Broxton Dumb Dares

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