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better than immodium, but not much.


I have been taking lomotil for over two years, as prescribed by my gastroenterologist for chronic diarrhea due to irritable bowel syndrome. What I have found is that it does not prevent you from having diarrhea episodes, but it will prevent them from being less severe when you do have them. It is slightly stronger than immodium, but not a whole lot. Taking them together has not helped me much in the past. It seems like when I am going to have diarrhea, nothing can stop it completely. One thing I have noticed is that it does make me both dizzy and drowsy, especially if I take more than one a day, so it is not a good idea for me to take it before driving a car or going to work. Some people can also take it everyday preventively, but I do not want to do this and be in a dizzy drowsy daze when I do not have absolutely need to take the medicine. I wish there were a medicine out there that could totally eliminate diarrhea episodes, especially if taken at the first onset, but until then I will continue to use the lomotil.

Metairie, LA


Lomotil saves me with my crohns disease.


**Where is the bathroom please!** **Lomotil **is a medication that helps to stop have the runs.  I have lived with this Crohns Disease (this is and irritation of the colon and there is no cure just help for the symptoms and **Lomotil** is one of those medications.  I have been taking this for about 35 years and this medication has been with me for that long.  **Lomotil ***(lonox)* gives me the security to go places knowing that I won't have to find the bathroom in the stores or restaurants.  I have heard that this is also given to people that go on an airplane and get sick to there stomach.  This will prevent from running to the bathroom on the plane. Ever so often my Doctors question whether or not I should still be on this medication.  I tell them that once in awhile if I forget or just try to do without that I know the difference.  So, I know that I am not immune to it.  The Doctors trust me and are open to the dose I receive.  I have done it different for many of those years.  However, I seem to be on a pretty good schedule right now and that is 2 - 50 millgrams every morning and 2 - 50 millgrams every night before bed. Relief, is just a small pill away from having diarrhea.  Ask your Doctor if this will help you!  

Minneapolis, MN



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