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Logitech ex110 Cordless Desktop Mouse & Keyboard

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Easy to use, Soft keys & Beautiful design!


I Think the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Logitech EX110 is the simple fact that I have personally bought 4 or 5 sets. Not because they have failed me, but because the mix between cost efficient, quality & overall usefulness is quite high. All in all, they work quite well & do not break the bank account if you know what I mean. The Logitech EX110 includes multimedia buttons that I t use, such as, the My Home key which opens IE, the Calculator button which I believe I might wear the paint off it, I use it so much, an Email shortcut & others including volume, mute, back & forward for windows media player. It also comes with a nice software application that shows a green on screen display when you press a multimedia button, not to mention a battery meter. I have actually been using this particular keyboard & mouse for several years now. Why change when you like what you got? Unless of course I decide to change computers, but then again I'll most likely get another one...

Bruceton, TN


logitech ex110 wireless mouse/keyboard/heaven


My husband and I were living in a small apartment so we bought a small desk. We didnt think about the fact that it had no wire holes or anything in the back. We considered drilling them but decided that a wireless set would be better anyway. We looked around and found that a lot were either very expensive (well over 100 bucks) or they were cheap looking like they make just kill out on us before the end of the year was up. We went for a more middle of the road product and found it to be perfect for us. I was amazed by how long the battery has lasted. We did not have to replace the mouse batteries for at least 8 months of daily use and I will admit daily use means my fat butt sitting in front of the computer for at least 4 hrs a day. I would purchase again and so glad I didnt buy a more expensive product.

Ridgecrest, CA


Logitech ex110 Cordless Desktop Mouse & Keyboard

5.0 2