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Logitech Z323 2 Speakers

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Thes are okay for the price


I had a pair of Klipsch speakers for several years, but they started acting quirky almost a year ago with the sounds going all static-y whenever I messed with the volume, and sometimes the speakers would drop out completely. So, I wanted to get a new pair of spearkers for the computer without spending very much and settled on these due to a special deal on website. They seem okay, but something about them just isn't really blowing me away. The bass is okay, but I swear it doesn't seem to really change that much when I adjust the sub-woofer's volume. The sub-woofer's size is actually quite a bit smaller than my old 2.1 system, so these are pretty good if you're trying to save space while still wanting a sub-woofer for bass.

Bethesda, MD


Perfect Dorm Room speakers


The Logitech Z323 are great budget speakers for people living in dorm rooms or studios. They are of course not the most powerful speakers, which is why I was impressed by the sound quality. The feature I enjoy most is the omnidirectional design (which is really bidirectional, front and back). If you place them correctly you can get a room filling sound that is not loud yet can be heard from any place. The quality is very good thanks to its subwoofer which is not a loud and blasting subwoofer but will enhance the bass in music. For those concerned with having a subwoofer in a small room, I placed it on top of a cardboard box which avoids annoying people in the floor below while still getting good sound. It is a great all around system which also sounds good when watching movies. I have a small monitor/tv combo system and this speaker set sounds so much better, I don't use the tv speakers anymore. The downside is that it is a rather bulky set considering the sound quality/power. There are some higher end (and more expensive) 2.1 systems that have a much smaller footprint which is important when living in a small room.

Baltimore, MD


Logitech Z323 2 Speakers

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