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Logitech Z313 Speakers

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Surprisingly good sound


After purchasing the Logitech Z313 speaker system I asked myself, why would I want to buy a stereo system now? At a minimal cost the Logitech Z313's provide the deep bass and upper ranges of what I would have paid hundreds for in a stereo system, directly from my desktop computer. I've had mine for a few years and never had a single technical issue. Controlling the volume of the speakers is accomplished using the small oval power switch that has a side-dial for volume. I keep it on top of the base or subwoofer, that the two speakers plug into. Between it and the volume controls found on internet and other media, the best settings can usually be found with minimal adjustments. I now consider the speakers an essential addition to any computer that I would rely on for sound, in addition to using other compatible devices to watch movies, videos or play my own selections of music. The speaker quality of my computer is going to sound tinny and canned without them, so if I were ever to have to decide again, it would be a foregone conclusion. I was hardly disappointed in having made the purchase.



Outstanding product for a low price!


I must say that I am very impressed by the great sound quality of these small, inexpensive speakers. The trebles are rich and crisp, while the bass in the subwoofer is very powerful and not too overpowering. From classical to rock to rap, these speakers seem to handle just about any genre of music. The wires can sometimes become messy, but that's really my only complaint. The sound control is very useful, and easy to use and place. I did have one issue with my first set of speakers. The subwoofer died, but I called Logitech and they were very reasonable. They replaced my speaker under warranty, and sent me an entire new speaker set instead of just replacing the subwoofer. Logitech's superior customer service just reinforced how much I love these speakers, and how great they are. They feel very solid, and put out a lot of sound for the small size. They are great for any college student or person restricted to a smaller area, that wants great sound for a low price.

Austin, TX


Excellent speakers at a great price


We found these speakers and after reading many positive reviews, we decided to purchase them.  We have not been disappointed.  Our main reason for getting them was because we wanted speakers that could be loud enough to project though the main floor of our house for listening to music through the computer.  It does the job great and the volume can get as loud as we like it.  They also have great sound.  We had to adjust the settings to our liking, but once they were set it was perfect.  We really like that the subwoofer is compact.  We have it under the desk and it doesn't take up our leg room, and it still works great.  The speakers look fine.  I like that they are mainly black so that they match our computer.  The volume control and on/off switch is seperate from the speakers and sits on the desk.  My personal preference would that it be attached to the speaker.  But it works fine.  All in all, we are really please with these speakers.  They really great, and the price is even better.

Provo, UT


Logitech Z313 Speakers

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