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Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 300 (920000920)

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Great wireless keyboard and mouse for someone on a budget.


Overall, it's a great keyboard and mouse set. My only complaint is the lack of features on the mouse - I prefer 5 button mice. Performance Haven't had any issues with the performance of either item. Durability The mouse and keyboard seem very well made. Design They have a nice design - very sleek looking. Comfort The mouse is decently comfortable. Neither the mouse nor keyboard are "ergonomic", but I wasn't looking for something ergonomic when I purchased these.

Hartville, MO


very responsive, light and relatively cheap


I first received these with my purchase of a 24 inch monitor from Dell and they were thrown in there for free. My previous experiences with wireless keyboards and mice were not pleasant (connectivity issues, keyboard would work every now and then, etc) and I was not expecting much from these either, but I was really surprised. The setup for these speakers were very easy and once I got these things going I was really happy with it. It has great range and never misses a key stroke and the response time is fast for a mouse. I'm a true gamer and this was really important for me and these things did not disappoint. The application that also comes with this is also very handy. It comes with security features and shows you how much battery life is left right on your desktop. I was so happy with the keyboard and mouse so I ended up purchasing 2 more for my other computers and so far everything is great. I took off a star because one problem really irks me every now and then. When you have a phone by the keyboard or mouse it messes up the connection and the keyboard and mouse stops working for a second. Other than that I really like these things and it is a definite buy.

Fairview, NJ


cheap wireless


The MK 300 is one of the cheapest ways to get a wireless input system for your computer. A lot of people these days prefer wireless because it creates less of a mess and because it is part of the modern sleek look that people look for in value. With this Logitech wireless desktop MP3 hundred set you can achieve that and you can do it at a very low price. The keyboard functions fine there is nothing wrong with it. I have no problem with signal for connectivity and no problems with the actual keys. Nothing has ever gotten stuck and nothing has ever failed to register with the computer. The spacing of the keys is standard and there is nothing unusual about it. Sometimes brands will change the size of a certain key like change the right shift key and that can be very annoying. Logitech do not tamper with any of these things and kept the same working formula.

Tustin, CA


The Logitech MK 300 is a nice set with a few problems.


This keyboard and mouse combo is a decent set. The keyboard is comfortable and well laid out. I like the face that the mouse is a tad smaller than the average desktop mouse. They have built a whole bunch of extra keyboard and mouse functions into this set. That would be great, except for the 2 problems I have with this wireless set. The first is the wireless connectivity isn't that great. The second is that in order to use all the extra neat functions built into this set, you have to have a Logitech program running in the background at all times on your computer. And it takes up way too much RAM for me.

Middleton, WI


Logitech Wireless Desktop MK 300 (920000920)

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