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Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

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The mouse to end all mice.


    When I purchased my laptop, I knew the integrated touch pad wouldn't suffice.  I needed a quality mouse that I could easily take on the go, but one that would hold up to the higher end desktop mice. It has many buttons that can be customized with the included drivers, eight to be exact (not including the right and left click).  This is so clutch for me, because I can use it like a remote across the room to control volume and switch tracks of my music.  The scroll wheel can also be switched from a "racheted" wheel to a "free spin" wheel with the switch on the bottom side of the mouse.  I didn't think that this would come in use very much, but I enjoy using the "free spin" mode a lot when reading longer webpages.    The design is very sleek and fits the [right] hand very well.  I also have relatively large hands (think xl batting gloves) and many notebook mice can really put a hurting on my hands after longer periods of use; however, the vx is a bit larger than other mice in its class while still being easily put in a bag pocket (and still much smaller than it's mx revolution desktop counterpart).    The buttons themself are very durable as well.  I have dropped this mouse more than several times from about three to four feet in the four months I have owned it and have not experienced any problems with it.    I have told everyone thinking about buying a mouse (whether it's for a notebook or desktop) how much I have enjoying using it and how lost I was without it when i forgot to bring it on a weekend trip.


Villanova, PA


Great mouse, Love it


Got this mouse for use with my laptop. Has all the buttons i need without a bunch of other random buttons that i dont need. I really like the design of the mouse too, it's ergonomic and easy to use. The range of this mouse is really long too. I tried controll my computer from across my entire living room and the response is still pretty good! The middle wheel on the mouse is pretty cool too. you can switch it between two modes at the bottom of the mice for a smooth and free spin or a clicking scroll. Unfortunately, when I was carrying it my backpack something must have squeezed the wheel on the mouse a littly too hard, so theres a bit of resistance to the scroll. The mouse also has a little port where you can conveniently store the receiver so you dont lose it. I've used this mouse with my laptop for quite some time now and it has done it job really well. I don't even have to change the battery on this mouse often, it shuts off its power draw whenever its not being used. but whenever you move it again, it turns back on with a quick response. Its small and portable too. I really like this mouse for whenever im on the move.


Rockville, MD


Solid Mouse


I have used a lot of logitech over the years. And as long as they are not the lowest tier products they are usually pretty solid. The same is true for this mouse. The logitech vx revolution is one of the more expensive portable mice in their lineup and is a very solid mouse. First this mouse uses Logitech old receiver technology and does not work with their Unifying receivers. The usb receiver is about an inch and a half, so I wouldnt recommend keeping it plugged into a laptop if you are carrying it around. The unifying recivers are very small so those can be left in. The good news is that dongle docks in the mouse very nicely. When the dongle is docked the mouse is off. Once you press the button to eject, and it does eject very nciely, the power is turned on. Like most of logitech mice. They are plug in and play. If you want the additional features of the mouse ( two side buttons, hyper scroll, and a sliding zoom switch) then you need to install the logitech SetPoint software. The mouse is very comfortable in hand. It is a little bigger than other travel sized mice but I think it is still very portable. Although it is very comfortable I have not used it for extended use with my desktop because I think it is too small for a desktop mouse. Battery life is very good. A plus for only using on AA battery!


San Francisco, CA


Absolutely amazing multifunctional mouse


I love this wireless mouse. I have had it for nearly four years and it still works perfectly. The form factor is ideal for desktop use and laptop portability. The USB transmitter fits nicely into the mouse itself when you need to transport it. I use the mouse many hours per day and need to replace the single AA battery once every two months or so. The buttons on the mouse are enough for me - browser forward/back, zoom in/out, task switcher, and a mouse wheel. Logitech's Setpoint software is actually pretty useful for customizing mouse functionality for different programs. For example, I like to be able to scroll quickly through webpages but don't want my scroll speed to be as fast through a Word document, so I can set these options separately. The mouse is in great physical condition after four years with no visible wear. That could also be due to the fact that I take good care of these types of devices. Nevertheless, the VX Revolution is the most well-rounded mouse I have ever used and I give it the highest recommendation.


Berkeley, CA


legendary wireless mouse


when buying an input device either for your pc or your laptop, it's really hard to bypass Logitech's product. Logitech normally incorporate the most ingenious design on the market while the others can only be the followers. This portable notebook mice, features a 2.4GHz wireless receiver which can be tucked in from the back of the mouse. It takes one AA battery and it last for a reasonable period around a month under normal usage. Personally I don't like Microsoft's 'smooth scroll' because it's really hard to track where you have scrolled to. Never the less, the VX revolution mouse features a microgear switch on the bottom where you can easily toggle between the click-to-click or the hyperscrolling mode. The wireless range is decent, tracks flawlessly in a normal range of 10ft. I don't need anything more than this because I cannot even see the cursor on my laptop if it's over this range.************ Overall, I would recommend this mouse despite it's age.


Houston, TX


The VX Revolution is an extraordinary laptop mouse.


The Logitech VX Revolution is one of the best laptop mice I've ever had. I have huge hands, and the vast majority of the laptop mice out there just do not cut it because of their tiny sizes. With the Logitech VX Revolution, I could hold the mice almost just as naturally as I hold a desktop mouse. Another key feature of the mouse is its HyperScroll wheel; with it I can zip through documents and long webpages really quickly, and that speeds up my productivity tremendously. In fact, my desktop mouse (Logitech MX 518) does not have such a feature, and I intend to upgrade to the Logitech Performance MX mouse just to get that HyperScroll wheel. In short, the Logitech VX Revolution is an almost perfect mouse for me, just because  of its 2 features: comfortably-sized (yet still remaining very compact) and has a HyperScroll wheel. If you're on the road most of the time and have fairly large hands, you will be thankful for having this mouse.


Atlanta, GA


An okay mosue, not as good as logitechs best though.


This would have been yet another logitech sucsess... if the engineering job had been well tested. It IS sensative, accurate, and has low latancy. Which is good. Good for gaming too. And has reasonably long battery life on a SINLGE AA. Nifty that. The egronomics are really nice too, tho not perfect... Except the slidy button-thing. The slidy-button thing at the top left is the first failing point. It feels flimsy, works poorly... Oh yeah. And breaks REALLY easy under gentle operation. Also, unlike most logitech wireless mice this mouse is VERY sensative to surfaces. It likes solid opaque surfaces that have no texture. It ~hates~ anything reflective... The dongle is a little on the big size, but this is an older model when said was actually small. So... Its not big-big. Just not micro-sized. Oh, and the scroll wheel works great. Default senstivity is just a little low.


Trinidad, CA


VX Revolution is the best mouse ever!


This is my FAVORITE mouse ever.  It is small, compact, and fits in your hand well (even if you have big hands like me).  The no-resistance scroll wheel is awesome,  One flick and the page scrolls super fast.  The buttons are also great because they are programmable.  I program the buttons for different uses in each of my different programs.  For example, in my internet browser, the forward and back buttons are used to go forward and back to the websites I visit.  In iTunes, I set the forward and back buttons to go forward and back between music tracks I listen to.  Also, the search button can be programmed to search Google.  So basically  you highlight what you want to search for and then press the search button!  Great!!!  Only con is the usb dongle kind of sticks out a lot, I wish it was smaller so it wouldn't be such a long thing sticking out of my laptop.  Logitech's customer service is also great.  My first mouse had problems scrolling side-to-side, but Logitech sent me a new one and now everything is great.


Sacramento, CA


what a well done mouse


The mouse fits perfectly in my hand and is a great size for a laptop mouse. Most are too small where it hurts to have to contort your hand into a weird shape where you feel like you're trying to hold onto an oddly shaped ball with just your fingertips. This mouse follows the natural curve of your hand in the right size and is small enough to carry around without losing it's usb dongle. The little door that holds the usb dongle fascinated me for a while, which shows how easily amused I am, but still.. that thing is cool!! There's so much packed into this little guy!! I like the amount of button it has, all the necessary ones AND it has a zoom lever. I use this to change my volume and that makes this mouse that much cooler. The way you can change how the scroll whell acts is also a nice touch. What can I say, logitech... you got it right with this one. You've got good hardware and good software to back it up. Maybe find a way to make youre buttons a little more customizable where they can do whatever you want it to do, but regardless of that, for me... it works flawlessly.


Austin, TX


VX Revolution is a wonderful mouse!


The Logitech VX Revolution is an excellent mouse with a lot of nice functions. Installation is fairly easy. There is a software called SetPoint which enables you to customize the buttons and the functionality of the mouse. The mouse itself is very precise. It has the performance laser technology. One of the most useful things about this mouse is the hyperscrolling technology. You can adjust the microgear for the amount of freedom in scrolling that you want. I really like playing with it and scrolling really fast. You can scroll through pages and pages effortlessly with the VX Revolution. The zoom function is also very nice to use to expand into things as well. Besides that, there are also two side buttons that can be used. Personally, I use them to go forwards and backwards in my browser. However, with SetPoint, you can customize it to whatever you like. The only negative is that it is ergonomically designed for the right hand. Other than that, it is a great mouse.


San Francisco, CA


Logitech VX Revolution Mouse

4.5 14