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Logitech TrackMan Trackball

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Trackman mouse going strong after years


My husband was insistent on this type of mouse, as he feels it is more ergonomic, and better on his wrist. He has owned 2 in the past 6 years. Same exact mouse. Yep. The first one gave out after about 4 years - the sensors for the ball portion stopped working, but in my opinion, this is really good for a computer mouse, as I have blown mice in the mean time. I personally do not prefer the ball/ placement/ configuration and prefer instead a traditional mouse shape, so I highly recommend physically testing it out before purchasing. My husband tells me it is easier to keep clean than a traditional mouse, which is good because it gets daily use and he eats at his workstation daily. Good luck with this ergonimically-different mouse!

Alexandria, VA


Trackball in the wrong place


I have been using mice all the time until I start to have wrist pain. I was told by the ergonomic specialist to try using trackball which doesn't press too much pressure on the wrist. So I bought this Logitech TrackMan (904371-0914)Trackball to give it a try. Switching from mouse to trackball takes some getting used to. But after a week or so I have no problem using this trackball. In fact, this Logitech TrackMan (904371-0914)Trackball has very good build quality. And yes, I no longer have as much pressure on the wrist and the wrist pain seem to fade away a bit! The trackball is pretty heavy, this is what I like to. It gives a feeling of high quality. The trackball comes with some software for button customization, but I did not bother to use those. After a few months, problem came! My thumb started to feel funny. It's a feeling of uneasiness. It's not painful but kind numb. I started to feel that something is wrong with the trackball. After talking to a few people, I realized that this particular trackball has it at the wrong place, since it's on the side, it requires your thumb to do all motion. But for a more ergonomic design, the ball should be located in the dead center so you use the WHOLE HAND to do the motion. I got rid of this mouse after having the issue with my thumb.

Oakland, CA


Good trackball that's easy to clean


I've been using similar Logitech trackballs since the late '90s and they've always been great.  Trackballs in general may take a little while to become accustomed to for people who've used mice their whole lives, but I've always felt that it's worthwhile to own a trackball. Trackballs don't need a mousepad or even a flat surface so I love using my TrackMan with my laptop.  They also put less strain on your wrists and in general are more comfortable to use.  The only problem I've had with my wired Trackman is that its been dropped a few times and sometimes has connectivity issues.  As long as it stays on your desk there shouldn't be a problem.  I'm also not sure how well it would work out for lefties. The ball on the TrackMan has a nice smooth roll and pops out without too much effort when it comes time to clean it.  The TrackMan only has two buttons and a scroll wheel so it can't compare to gaming mice with their myriad buttons.  It's also kind of hard to draw in Microsoft paint, but anyone who really cares about that probably has a drawing tablet.

Shreveport, LA


Logitech TrackMan sets the standard for trackballs.


In a world where mouse has become synonymous with pointing device, trackballs are often overlooked. The Logitech TrackMan Trackball may not have a household name, but it is the best trackball on the market for right-handed people. I have an upper back injury, so even the tiny upper arm and shoulder movements associated with casual mouse usage causes me a lot of pain. I discovered Logitech's trackball back when I played Everquest and soon learned that I could keep up with my friends by using my thumb instead of my shoulder. The Logitech TrackMan Trackball does take some getting used to and minor maintenance, but it is worth it in the long run. To clean, simply remove the ball periodically and swab the inside with a dry cotton swab. I once bought a Microsoft Trackball and it died after four months. The shortest lifespan of the Logitech TrackMan Trackball I have ever had was two years, and I dropped it. I can usually eke about three to four years out of each one. I'm currently on number 4 (I lost one).

Jacksonville, AR




This optical trackman trackball mouse is a great alternative to the classic old mouse way.This sits in one spot and you simply move the ball with your thumb or finger. I have always hated the mouse movement and how it tires your hand,wrist and arm.This trackball method is so much easier and less strain on your joints.It is much more comfortable to use and more practical to me.I really like mine.I can stay on my computer for a long time without getting pain in my wrist and arm,like I used to when I used a regular mouse.I will never go back to the old mouse way ever again. The trackball is very easy to use and has smoothe movement.The scroll wheel works great.You can fly across the net with this trackball mouuse.To keep it in great working order,check for software updates once in awhile and you will love the trackball method.This is the best way to mouse.And a touch screen is worse than even a regular mouse.Trackball is the easiest of the three. You can get one cordless or wired.I have had mine for about 3 years and it still works like new. The only complaint I have is ,there is only one boring color.Come on logitech,get real.

Cincinnati, OH


Logitech TrackMan Trackball

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