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Logitech Solar K750 Wireless Keyboard (920002912)

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Logitech Solar K750 Wireless Keyboard


What a great keyboard, it thin it's light and portable and very long lasting rechargeable coin size battery I've only had to recharge it in the sun once since I got it two years ago my lamp keeps it charged while I use it. I love this keyboard it's comfortable to use and is quiet and their is only a light touch required on the keys, after turning it on by a small switch it's starts right up within a second of switching it to on position, I even leave it on when not on my computer it's only turned off when my computer is turned off and it still holds a charge, I've never had any problems with this keyboard, this is a full size keyboard. + Performance Performance is fast and responsive and the coin size battery in back of the board is recharged by solar cells at the top of the keys and is always being charged either by the sun or a lamp in the room. Only have charged it once since I purchased it two years ago, keys are quiet and only need a light touch, feels like laptop keys would easy to use Durability This keyboard is surprisingly strong and rugged for such a thin keyboard, but the on/off switch seems like it is a little flimsy it is still working good though even with two years use Design Design is thin and is all black in color with solar cells above keys, white on the bottom with small legs that flip out and will fold flat when not needed, when you want a little tilt for hand comfortable these legs make it easy and will tilt the board a few degrees up for comfort, no hand or wrist problems from this board, I give Logitech an A+ for this design Comfort Very comfortable keyboard to use, it tilts up a few degrees if you don't want to use a thin flat board which makes it exceptionally comfortable, have had no problems with my wrist or hands with this keyboard, it's been a breeze to use and very pleasant on my fingertips even without those rubbery keys some boards have, I would recommend this keyboard for users that want a comfortable thin light and easy to use keyboard that is very portable

Rosamond, CA


Cool! No wires or batteries.


I love the portabilty and the design of this keyboard. Reminds me of a laptop. I love not having to worry about purchasing batteries or wires that are too short. Durability I have only had this 6 months - so far so good. I hope this lasts a long time. Design I love solar! I wish there was a mouse with similar features.

Bethpage, NY


Logitech Solar K750 Wireless Keyboard (920002912)

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