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Logitech QuickCam Messenger Personal Webcam

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My first and love it


I'm 28 years old and proud to admit that I am not the most PC savy person out there.  As long as I have my email I am a happy camper.  Here we are in the age of twitter and skype and I finally get my first web camera. First I have to say that for being brand new to the whole web camera experience this is probably the most easy to use piece of equipment I have owned.  The camera is easy to operate, the funtions are simple to use.  The options to take pictures, video, and connect it to skype are quite simple once you figure out how to do it. The pictures come out nice without much glare, there is some blurring a bit if you move suddenly but that's to be expected.  The base that the camera comes with is functionable but not the best.  I find myself fiddling with the camera everytime I turn it on just to keep it at an angle that I am happy with. The size, price, and ease of use are what makes this a keeper.  I would highly encourage the purchase of this camera if you are someone who appreciates easy to use items, this is a perfect starter camera for the internet world!

Portland, OR


Logitech QuickCam Webcam is perfect for video chatting.


Since we live so far away from family, Skype is regularly used in our home and we video chat a lot. It has been wonderful for my parents to be able to video chat with their grandchildren, and my kids love seeing Grandma and Grandpa on the computer. We were given this webcam by my brother over 3 years ago and it still works like it is brand new. It is great to be able to take pictures on it to immediately have on our computer (great for glasses websites that let you virtually try on their glasses with an uploaded picture!). I have been fairly impressed with the quality of pictures this can take, especially considering how much it costs. The stand is also wonderful because it can fold to sit on top of a monitor or lay flat. We have it flat on top of the hutch on our desk and the camera rotates enought to be able to show various angles without ever moving the stand. These cameras are affordable and easy to use.

Norman, OK


Logitech QuickCam meets and exceeds my needs in a webcam.


I purchased a webcam many years ago just as a novelty.  It was a simple little device-no sound.  My children and I played around with it for a while and then I sold it at a yard sale.  Now, with the advent of YouTube and other live/streaming video outputs, having a webcam has become more of an essential than a novelty.  So, once again, I purchased a webcam.  My first webcam was a Logitech and I was very satisfied with it, so I went back to the Logitech.  The Logitech QuickCam Chat is a basic but good webcam.  It comes with software and a bracket for mounting it on your computer.  Technically speaking: - Video Capture Resolution: 640 x 480 - Image Capture Speed: 30 fps - Hardware Platform: PC - Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP It's by no means commercial quality video equipment, but you can have fun with it doing amateur videos or participating in video conferences or focus groups.

Americus, GA


Logitech QuickCam Messenger is a Great PC addition


I got the Logiteck QuickCam Messenger because I thought it would be nice to see My Brother in NC, instead of just talking to Him or e-mailing. The softwear that came with it was very easy to install, a plus for a self taught computer user like Me. The videocam was easily set up right on top of My computer moniter. After the program download, I plugged in the USB attached to the cam and the program guided Me through the rest. After the focusing and voice set up I was ready to begin using it. I talked to My Brother on Skype and We both really enjoyed seeing each other while We spoke. After I got done talking to Him, I did some still photos of Myself, like the one on My Profile, they turned out great. Afterward I recorded a video singing Happy Birthday to Him and sent it for His birthday that week. He was thrilled and saved it for Birthdays to come. I have since done another video singing Our National Anthem. I have really had fun since I hooked up My videocam and it's so easy to use.

Toledo, OH


Worth to purchase.


Easy to install and easy to use.  Has a built in microphone and comes with software for a messenger program. It has a very simple set-up and no other problems thereafter also. Also it fits on the top of laptop and so no other set up required. The microphone is actually of a pretty good quaitly.  Clear and loud, if you want loud. Also it allows the images to be followed. To be precise, I want my son's face to be followed so that he is not out of the video while talking to my relatives. And this is possible with the different settings. Also the company Logitech is well known, durable and with great customer service. They live upto their name, excellent support, regular updates and great piece of hardware as well. Trustable brand name. My son plays with a lot and drops off quite a lot times but then it has never affected its quality. It also captures the images and records the videos and that too of a better quality. The good part is that it stores directly on the harddisk and so becomes easy to share with others.Overall a very good product for a good value of money.

Ann Arbor, MI


Easy to use & works great with Skype


The Logitech Quickcam is one webcam that is plug and play with Skype, which was key for me. I don't need to use my webcam for recording video (and I think others are better for that), but if you want to chat on Skype, this one is perfect. I also really like that it clips to any monitor or laptop or can stand on its own. It also is pretty cheap comparitively. We actually bought one for both sets of grandparents so that they could see our daughter (she is the first grandbaby, and we don't live by either of the parents, so Skyping is perfect) We did have to get them set up though, which was kind of annoying (they aren't computer people), but after the first time, they now know how to use it, so all systems go! Both sets of grandparents have cried and loved seeing their grand daughter, since they aren't able to visit all of the time. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for an easy plug-in play with Skype!

Smyrna, GA


Logitech QuickCam Messenger Personal Webcam

4.5 6