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Logitech MX3000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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worth the buy


this logitech mouse and keyboard combination is an extremely good buy. the wireless build in extremely reliable, i am typing with this keyboard right now. the batteries will last for a very long time, longer than expected. The keyboard will last for months, even on continuous usage. the mouse will not last as long, but at 4-6 weeks, the mouse will last for pretty long too. The wireless adapter is quite long, so you can put the wireless receiver pretty far away if needed and still have a usable keyboard and mouse. for gaming, the setup is very good. HOWEVER, there is a very very slight delay in the keyboard that make make a difference in twitch-based games. But if used for normal everyday typing, working, or photoshopping, the keyboard and mouse will be more than exceptional. If wired keyboard and mouse are bothering you, then this is the buy for you. the usual great logitech build quality is present in this product.

Davis, CA




I've always used the keyboard and mouse that came with whatever computer I purchased - never saw the need to buy them separately.  About a year ago I finished my craft/computer room and it is so cute - but there are three computers in there and lots of wires and keyboards and mice and electronic stuff that makes it difficult to find room to craft when not using.  I broke down and decided to buy wireless keyboards and mice that can be put away when not in use.  My craft/computer room looks so pretty and organized it's a joy to be in there now.  Best of all - I love these keyboards.  Came out of the box with batteries INCLUDED - who doesn't love that?  I plugged in the usb port, turned them on and they work - it honestly was that easy - unbelievable.   Finally the battery life - I'm on my computer every day all day and I have changed the batteries twice in a year and a half of use - I find that to be incredible - especially with the way my kid's appliance's suck up batteries.  Also, one and half years later both the mouse and keyboard are working as well as day one.

Durand, WI


My newest toy


I just purchased a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo the ex100, and boy why did i wait so long. Pluged it into the usb port and on my way, no more mouse pad to clutter up my mouse. The keyboard is a slim design which i can hold on my lap across the room. the FN key allows me many one touch functions. And i just love the scrool wheel on the mouse it makes scrooling so easy. It must have been the grace of God that led me to this item while browsing in the store that day, I knew i needed a change in my computer system, but not quite sure just what it was to make the difference i was looking for. I did not even have to send to logitech for regestration,they sent me an email to do so. i am so happy with my new toy. try it you'll like it.

Newark, NJ


Excellent wireless desktop.


I've had this keyboard/mouse combo forover a year now, and it's been highly reliable.Internet, media and surfing keys all are customizable, and the 7 button mouse fits the hand wonderfully. Wheel is 4-way scroll and clickable. Laser, not optical for fine control in graphics applications and games.The wireless receiver has at least a 6 foot range (the farthest I've ventured away from my desk).Battery life is excellent for the keyboard, average for the mouse.

Abilene, TX


Logitech MX3000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

4.8 4