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Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (920002553)

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This is the best keyboard I have used ever!


I have been using this keyboard for a month now and absolutely love everything about it. It was easy to set up and begin using..and I have had no problems with it al all. This is my first wireless keyboard and there isn't anything bad I can say about it. Even my grandson told me it was "the bomb"




Best keyboard I have ever bought


I simply love it its smaller and much easier to type. It fits nice on the computer pull out tray from my desk. My other one was too bulky. This one is a perfect fit, plus less wires, yeah Design compact design makes typing easier Comfort excellent comfort


Ozone Park, NY


Good keyboard for desktop replacement


The Logich MK520 Wireless keyboard and mouse serve well as desktop peripherals. The mouse has a laser guide, so it's fairly accurate. It'll work over most surfaces (except glass, you'll need Logitech's Dark Field Technology for that). It only has a left and right button, as well as a scroll wheel, so it's fairly simple compared to other mouses on the market that have other buttons such as thumb buttons. The keyboard is also a quality product. The keys are easy to press, and you can definitely tell when you're typing on them. There are also 3 dedicated media control buttons, as well as 3 sound volume control buttons. It's your standard Windows OS keyboard, so it has the qwerty keys, home/end, arrow keys, and a number trackpad as well. There are also a row of dedicated keys that also do double duty as function keys. Around the keyboard also has a small sliver of clear plastic that ads to the "fancyness" (for lack of a better word) of it. It looks very nice and compliments the simplicity but clean look. Take note, however, that if you use this keyboard for a mac, you will not be able to remapp the keys. For some reason or another, even if you remapp them in your System Preferences, nothing will change. Overall a good keyboard, if you ignore the mac incompability (it also only says windows on the box).


Millbrae, CA


Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (920002553)

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