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Logitech M215 Wireless Mouse (910001543)

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The Mouse that Could


Easy to use. Fits a multitude of hand sizes. Hands range from my eight year olds to my sixty year old father in law. For the price this is a great computer mouse. It is cordfree and always ready for use. Performance Never had a problem with this mouse. Works great and is very smooth on the mouse pad. Durability My two boys seem to drop it every week at least once and it keeps on working. Design Easy to use. Fits a multitude of hand sizes. Can be used by either right or left handed people. Comfort I am on my computer five to six hours a day seven days a week and my hand is never tired or cramped from using this mouse. I personally feel that this mouse is intended to provide optimum comfort and avoid injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and other repetitive strain injuries. I have no problems and as previously mentioned I have no problems. It feels like it is designed to fit my natural hand position and movements, to reduce discomfort.



Love this handy little mouse!


Since getting this wireless USB mouse (in red and black) about 6 or so months ago, I have had to change the internal battery (AA) only about 3 or 4 times. The light on the top helps to tell you when your battery is getting low, which I thought was a rather helpful feature. I love how I was able to plug the little USB piece in, and it was plug-and-play, and up and running right away, while still allowing the touchpad to do the same function it always did. So I had the option to use either the wireless USB mouse or the touchpad at any given time. I love how the little USB piece fits under the storage flap IN the mouse itself, so that you can't lose it if you choose to transport your laptop and its things somewhere else. Much much easier to lose if you just toss it in there by itself, since it's so tiny. The mouse is the perfect size for an adult hand. I tried other USB mice before, but they were mini mice for a laptop, and they were so tiny it was awkward.

Wakefield, RI


Logitech Wireless Mouse Sitting On My Pad


Wireless is the only way to go!! This mouse is reasonable in price and has withstood my computer activitiy. I am on the computer at least 15 hours a day. It's lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand. It requires one double A battery, but if you are an avid PC user keep plenty on stock as it does go through the batteries. And I am pretty regular about turning it off while it's not in use. One of my pet peeves is that all this new technology today is tiny white print on black. And this mouse is no different. But for the price and the comfort and the durabilty it's great, as I don't need to read or push any buttons to maintain this item. The word Logitech and the little design rubs off easily with lots of use. No wires to contend with!! A nice sit in my hand. Reliable. Slide easily with or without a mouse pad. Easy to clean. No ball to roll around. It's the ideal mouse for someone who lives on his or her computer.

Everett, PA


Logitech M215 Wireless Mouse (910001543)

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