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Logitech Laser Cordless Mouse

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It's not perfect but close!


For those most part I absolutely love this mouse.  The design makes it feel very natural - ergonomic and doesn't feel awkward at all.  It goes by lazer so there is no trackball to get dirty and have to pull out and clean.  There's a button on the top of the mouse you can use to scroll up and down on a page, and a button the side so you can go "back" instead of hitting the back button on your browser.  It also has a charge indicator light - normally green and when the charge is wearing off it turns to red. I have had this mouse for a while and it's been pretty great.  The only thing I don't like is that the charge DOES eventually die, and you have to re-charge it.  Not bad if you just put it up in the holster as soon as you're done with it, however I often check something real quick and often forget I need to put it in there.  Then when it dies, well that sucks cus you need to wait a bit before using it again.  Also, something I didn't used to experience but now do that it's older: I'll put it in the holster thinking it's charging, and it's not.  If it's not sitting in their exactly perfect it won't charge-so make sure you see the green lights going up and down while it's in the holster to know it's charging! The only other thing is that even though it doesn't have a track ball the bottom sometimes gets dusty/dirty and the mouse won't work really well, so you just need to wipe it off with a tissue. Generally though it's worth it and I would totally buy it again.

Concord, CA


great, just don't hit the "self destruct" button!


This is a great mouse!  I actually inherited this from a co-worker who left the company. I don't really watch for new "techie" things, but pay a bit more attention now, as new things I have used, make life much easier! I used to do desktop support and was the one who got called to fix hardware problems.  And back in the day, 99 out of a 100 times, a mouse problem was build up on the roller ball.  It is not a big deal, just a bit time consuming trying to get all the gunk from the little hole and wheels. Now, when I am out and about and see some poor sole with an old roller mouse, stuggeling to get it to work, I show they what is wrong and suggest they call their IT department and demand an optical mouse! I would give up my daily trip to Starbucks, if I had to choose between spending the extra on an old roller ball mouse or an optical one! I have now got an optical mouse on our desktop and the laptop, too.  

Chandler, AZ


Logitech Laser Cordless Mouse

4.5 2