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Logitech LX 710 (967670) Keyboard and Mouse

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Gets the job done


When it comes to mouse and keyboard, Logitech is the first brand that comes to my mind. They are really good make making high quality keyboard and mouse. Logitech LX 710 Keyboard and Mouse combo is one of their mass produced product with a generic design and no-frill approach. Well, technically, this is not a no fill keyboard because it does have many quick control keys and multimedia keys.  These keys seem to be a good idea to have. After years of use, I have noticed that other the normal keys , I only use the mute, volume up and down keys. For all the rest of the zoom in, zoom out, slide show, multimedia control keys, I rarely touch them. For those function, I still rely on my trusty mouse . While those shortcut keys is a nice idea, but I really wonder how many people actually use them. So to me, those extra keys just waste the real estate of the keyboard making this keyboard very bulky. The key feels ok, not good, not bad.  The mouse is also very basic, nothing to praise about. The USB transceiver is huge in today's standard. This is a very average product. It gets the job done , nothing more than that. 

Mountain View, CA


Good Lazer Keyboard and Mouse for cheap


The **Logitech LX 710 (967670) Keyboard and Mouse **is a good set for people who want a good keyboard set. It has a very sleek design, easy to use mouse, and some cool functions as well. It uses 2 AA batteries for each device. **The Pros**: The mouse has a real cool color and sleek design. Fits perfectly in the palm of your hands with a nice feel to it. The mouse has two buttons on the left and right (bottom of the two clickers) that can be used to flip pages so you don't have to run your mouse all the way to the other side and click another tab. The mouse is quite unique. The left and right click sort of merge together, but clicks just fine. The keyboard is really cool too, just the basic functions of any other keyboard except wireless. The laser of the mouse seems to work well. The usb stick transmitter is really convient on the go if you have a laptop and want to use the laser mouse. It is very cheap, costs like 22-25 bucks **The Cons**: Battery is required and runs out pretty quickly if you forget to turn it off. Also, the mouse can't read to well on some surfaces like a desk. It needs a mousepad to run smoothly. The signal of the usb can be blocked if it is too far away or has something in front of it. The keyboard has side buttons that I don't use like media files opener, etc, that I can press accidently.  Overall, it is a good combination of a laser mouse and keyboard that lets you hand be free from all that clutter of wires. I recommend this to anyone that doesn't like a tangled wires and has a laptop so that you can use the mouse on the laptop for gaming. 

Los Angeles, CA


A decent keyboard for the price


I purchased this keyboard 5 years ago and used it for most of that time.  Overall it was a fairly good keyboard, however for the price it could have been much quieter and had faster response. What I like about this keyboard is the placement of the keys, however sometimes its a bit annoying if you move the keyboard around with there are media keys on the left and right sides, so its very difficult to grip the keyboard without pressing buttons.  But these media keys are very helpful when looking at pictures or watching movies.  So it is both a con and a pro.  The keyboard itself also has a very nice soft touch palm rest.  It feels good to type on this keyboard, even though its not ergonomic style. However the keys are louder than the price woudl suggest, I really like quiet keys and this keyboard was never all that quiet.  Also, there is a noticeable delay, although it uses 2.4ghz wireless, if you type very quickly you will certainly see a delay in what you are typing, and it can be somewhat unnerving.  I type at about 90-100 wpm real-life though so this may not be a problem for most people.

Torrance, CA


Logitech LX 710 (967670) Keyboard and Mouse

3.3 3