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Wireless Headset
Logitech - G930 Wireless Headset

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G930 has nice Sound Quality!


I was searching for a headset for gaming on the market and lucky I found this thing.Now the headset may look cool but you have to read other reviews and really know about it before you buy it.I'm satisfied with this product but not really happy.It does have a nice sound when your gaming or listening to music and it's wireless so you don't have to plug it in and you don't have to have a limited range.The way they built this also feels nice and doesn't feel like a really crappy material.Now these headphones are way overpriced in my opinion because it does not include a lot of features.It will not tell you when you have low battery so really there is no warning.This really gets annoying especially when your gaming.This is all the cons for me but I would buy another headset instead.

Las Vegas, NV


pricey but it's good


The Logitech G930 is awesome if you have a home theater PC. The reason why it is so good is because with a home theater PC you want a wireless setup so that you can watch and listen to a movie or to his television show and while you're in the comfort of your bed. This wireless headset from Logitech works amazingly well. My setup is as follows: I have a 42 inch LG monitor about four or so meters away from my bed. I like to watch blue rays before going to sleep and to not want to have a cord running all the way from my LG television to my ears. It is much better to just simply be able to walk around and move around in the bed without having to worry about a cord. It looks really serious and it looks very professional looking which I like about it. Here everything with this headset and hope it lasts me for a good time because it was not cheap.

Oceanside, CA


Best headset ever


I purchased the Logitech G930 headset primarily for gaming. The headset is very comfortable even after hours of gameplay. Usually my ears would hurt a bit, but not with these. It is truly wireless, you only need to plug them into your pc when you're charging it. It comes equipped with three G buttons for controlling other media programs. Another cool feature is the auto mute, when you'd like to mute the microphone you can simply lift the mic up, the mic will mute on its own. I did run into some issues with the headset though. For one I quickly realized that the headset frequency interferes with other devices. For example, when I plugged the usb next to my logitech usb receiver for my mouse, my mouse was pretty much unresponsive. However, that was fixed by moving it to another unoccupied usb. Another thing, there is no low battery indicator, the only way to know how much time you have left until you need to recharge is through the software provided. I would definitely recommend this product if you have the cash to spare!

Fairfield, CA


Top line product from logitech.


It is the most expensive headset so far for me. I am not disappointed. It is very comfortable for long time gaming use. The sound quality is superb. The only thing I would like it to have is the support for using AA or AAA battteries. Then you don't need to worry about battery exchange after one year or two.

Renton, WA


Logitech - G930 Wireless Headset

3.8 4