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Logitech G110 (920002232) Keyboard

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Not Worth The Price


Honestly, if this keyboard wasn't on sale, I would not have chosen this. The overall build of this keyboard is fairly sturdy, but the keys do not feel as good as a mechanical keyboard. The backlit keys look great and are extremely helpful when going onto the computer at night.




Great Keyboard with Some Faults...


The Logitech G110 Keyboard is an average keyboard. The keys are great and the option to choose what back-light color is a nice addition. The G-Keys on the left of the keyboard are also a great addition to the keyboard. These G-Keys enable users to set macros to a single key. It's great for macroing. The keyboard is also great in build quality. However, the palm rest for the keyboard is cheap. It's a single piece of plastic that just connects to the bottom of the keyboard. The backlight to the keyboard is fairly dim. The blue backlight is not bright in the dark and is not evenly distributed over the keyboard. The red backlight looks great under dark light conditions. And the pink backlight looks decent under dark light conditions. The main problem is that if someone bought this keyboard just for the blue backlight, you're out of luck because blue is the lightest of the bunch. It's not that bright, which makes me upset over this keyboard. The keyboard is great for gaming though and doesn't feel cheap. I would recommend it if you want a cheap gaming keyboard that is great in build quality.


New Brunswick, NJ


The Logitech G110 is great for the casual gamer


First off I should probably make it clear I am a casual gamer. I play perhaps 6-9 hrs a week on games and my previous keyboard was the standard wired mac keyboard. In comparison to the old keyboard this one is considerably better and easier to use while gaming. The keys are nicely sculpted, have a nice soft touch and adequate tactile response. The programable keys are very nice if you want to setup routines. Another nice touch is the ability to change the keys backlighting to match the mouse, your mood or whatever you feel like. The final great thing is the headset options, you can either use a usb or one with dual analogue plugs. It can completely control it, and works with my platronics (both usb and analogue) perfectly. The only cons I can see is the backlighting could be a bit brighter (even better controllable) and it feels a bit plastic (in fairness I am coming from an aluminum keyboard. If you store it in a slide out drawer do check the measurements because of the extra rows of keys make it wider than most and it may not fit. Other than these small drawbacks its a great keyboard and well worth the money.


San Francisco, CA


Logitech G110 (920002232) Keyboard

4.0 3