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Logitech G11 (9679290102) Keyboard

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Nice keyboard for gaming


The logitech g11 is a nice keyboard that is well designed and very useful for gamers.   The most obvious advantage of this keyboard over a standard keyboard is the macro keys that are on the left side of the keyboard.  You can program them to do anything you like.  For games like wow you can have them do different macros or just as extra action keys.  For just desktop uses, you can load up your different passwords or launch individual programs with them.  The keyboard is also backlit with a nice blue light but I do wish that the lights could be brighter.  The multimedia keys are also lit which is a nice touch. I have three gripes with the keyboard with the keyboard though.  First of all, the keys are very mushy.  I wish that the keys would bounce back a lot faster but seem a bit slow.  Secondly, because of the keys on the left and just some extra plastic, the keyboard is very wide and might not fit in a lot of keyboard trays.  Third, the incline adjustment is almost useless.  The feet barely make any difference at all.   The G11 is a nice keyboard for gamers but it isn't perfect.  


Artesia, CA


Logitech G11 (9679290102) Keyboard

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