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Logitech - FreePulse Wireless Headphones

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Logitech Headphones are great...for a while


I purchased these headphones as a gift for my dad who does a lot of working out in his basement. He absolutely loved these headphones. He could wear them while running on the treadmill and not have to worry about holding onto his Ipod or where to put a cord. These headphones were very comfortable and worked really well. It was easy to set up and allowed you to move around and not have to worry about dropping your MP3 player. The downside of these headphones is they stopped working after a few months. We believe it was because they got a little wet from sweat. I bought him another set hoping that maybe there was just something wrong with the original ones and the same thing happened again. After a few months they just no longer worked. These headphones may be better off being used for less active activities. They may work perfectly for cleaning or something that would not allow sweat to get into them.

Middletown, OH


They don't last


I don't know if these have improved over the years, but I bought these when they were the first bluetooth headphones available.  The small toggle piece kept going out after a few months of use.  I exchanged it at CompUSA so many times that they gave me one I had already exchanged at one point.  Other people purchased them because they were so wonderful and convenient while they worked.  None of the other people that bought them kept theirs either.  Some kept breaking on the headphone part and others had problems like me.  I ended up with a much better wireless bluetooth headphone that lasted for 1 1/2 years before the toggle piece went out.  It was much more cost effective.

Saint Louis, MO


Great sound, easy to use


These headphones are great for any MP3 player.  Has volume control on the ear piece.  No wires to get tangled up or caught in something.  There is an included adapter to plug into mp3 player and adapters to fit the IPod player.  Headphones and transmitter require charging before using the first time (approx. 3 hours).  Instructions are very easy.   I use for downloadable books mainly (not for music).  But headphones have a bass boost feature.  Comfortable to wear.  I recommend.  

Virginia Beach, VA


Awesome for computer or TV!


These headphones are awesome. I've used them with my portable DVD player while on a road trip. I was able to hear the sound clearly and did not disturb the my family riding in the car. I use them with my home computer when I listen to music and my husband is watching TV. I also got my husband a pair so he can watch TV while I'm sleeping, and I can stay asleep!

Odem, TX


Logitech - FreePulse Wireless Headphones

3.8 4