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Logitech C615 Webcam

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Logitech C615 Webcam. Works right out of the box


It literally took me longer to upack this product than to place it in operation. Video and Audio have been judged excellent both on a local basis and on trans atlantic video chats via Skype. Compatibility My system is a HP Desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium. There have been no compatibility issues. The same is trueof the free version of Skype. I have not used other means of video chat as yet. Video Quality One can setup to 1080p so one has the option of the very best video quality. My local test photos and videos have been very satisfactory. Ease of Use As stated, the unit is very easy to set up with the provided set up disc. It even comes complete with a USB extension cord catering for the normally long reach from a desktop monitor to a tower type PC. Durability Time will tell but I see no weak points in the design from this perspective.

Macon, GA


Simple and versatile, great for smaller video projects.


I had been wanting an HD webcam for a while, both for personal conversations with family and for livestreaming sessions for friends and family online as well as online customers. Logitech has always been a brand I grew up trusting because of it's ease of use, durability and quality over the years, so when it was down to this cam or a cheaper brand that promised the same thing, I chose the Logitech one. The difference between this cam and my older laptop integrated cam was mindblowing. I've never expected so much detail to be able to transfer into my online calls. My family was suddenly able to see everything that was behind me and asked questions about all the things they've already looked at with my old cam! My video blogging projects are coming along brilliantly as well. The only way the video could improve would be to invest in a Sony or Canon Camcorder for more professional video projects. The camera is best for livestreaming video calls or short video projects. When I tried to record sessions longer than an hour or so my computer automatically cuts the quality to save on disk space, no matter what different settings I tried. For at-the-moment video, the quality is the best I've ever seen in a webcam, and I don't regret buying this at all.

Denver, CO


Logitech C615 Webcam

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