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Logitech C510 Webcam

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Logitech C510 Webcam! Nice budget HD cam


Logitech C510 Webcam! Nice budget HD cam We bought this webcam as a replacement for an older cam which finally stopped working. I have been surprized by the picture quality of this camera. It is definately a notch above the rest. The features include: 1. 720p high definition video capture 2. Swiwel and tilt control 3. Nice pouch to fold the camera and carry it around 4. Webcam folds up to a nice small size to protect the lens when carrying it around. The included software is pretty good too. We tried some video capture of our 4 month old and I really liked how easy it was to use it. The rightlight and right sound features are nice add ons to capture good quality image and sound. One of the things I was not totally fond off is the way this webcam mounts to your monitor. It has a folding clip type design so if your lcd monitor has a rounded edge it is very hard to mount it correctly. We have mounted to the side of the monitor rather than the center top position since it did not mount there. All in all a good webcam to upgrade to.

Jacksonville, FL


Did not disappoint


This is my first webcam so I don't have as much experiences, however I was pleasantly surprised by the quality compared to some of the pictures I've seen around on the internet from friends.  First of all it is very easy to set up because the instructions are very detailed.  The software and driver is also very easy although the software is a little bit bulky so I uninstalled it already (only kept the driver) and am planning to use something else like yahoo or msn messenger.  That said, the software is good though, it offers you a lot of options to edit your video and pictures, design it however you want.  It's just I don't really need all that options, I'm just looking for something simple for my mom so she can communicate with her sister in Vietnam.  The video quality is awesome.  It is very crispy and clear.  The camera itself is very small, about the size of your palm and it is very easy to place it on top of your laptop of desktop monitor.  So far, I am satisfied.   

San Diego, CA


Logitech C510 webcam is worth the money


I bought this HD 720p webcam at a really good price online during Black Friday and it was worth every penny. The webcam is easy to set up and easy to use. I've used this webcam for my parents to chat with relatives and grandparents on the other side of the world and we could see and hear them clearly. I like how with one click you can upload your videos to Facebook or Youtube. This webcam is portable and can swivel 360 degrees which comes in handy. I have a built-in webcam on my laptop, but the quality is very low. With this Logitech webcam I've had much better experiences chatting on Skype. However, even though this webcam is HD it does not like it's HD when using Skype. I'm not sure why this happens, but whenever I record videos the quality is always much better than when using Skype. Logitech also makes a C310 (cheaper) and a C910 (more expensive) model, so the C510 is in between both in terms of price and quality.

Stockton, CA


The picture quality is great. A good value for the price.


I wanted a webcam that would be a good enough quality that the grandparents could see us clearly. I think we succeeded in this case! Since we use it to Skype, the quality can be affected by the internet connection, but the camera has a 8-megapixel resolution and takes great photos. The higher resolution may cause some distortion with a slow connection. Our connection is 100 mbps and we have only minimal problems. It is very easy to set up and use. It comes with a CD to load and you can be Skyping within minutes. I like the way it sits on our computer monitor and adjusts easily to our laptop. One of the things I love about this webcam is the extras. Our kids had a great time playing with the avatars, masks, and face accessories. There is also a filter. You can even go online and get more free ones! It has the options to post pictures and videos you take to Facebook and YouTube, which is very easy to use. Free editing software is available through their gallery. I highly recommend this webcam! It can be used by beginners as a basic webcam, or more advanced users can have fun with it.  

Martin, TN


Logitech C510 Webcam

4.8 4