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Logitech C250 Webcam

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Logitech Webcam C250: affordable addtion to your computer!


When I first started looking at webcams, I had no idea what kind to buy! But I've been lucky with Logitech products so far (usually easy to install, easy to use, and durable), so I went with the middle-of-the-road Logitech Webcam that our local Wal-Mart had to offer - the C250. I have college-aged young adults, and they would use Skype with their friends. They were wanting me to get a webcam, Skype, and then we could video chat with each other. This webcam has a built-in microphone, and installation was a breeze. With hardly any effort, once Skype was installed, I was video chatting with my family. I would like to say I know everything you can do with this product, but as of now, I'm still learning, lol. There seems to be many options with the software that came with the webcam (picture and sound adjustments), but I've honestly not messed with them. Someday... :) For now, the picture and sound are both great and I'm not disappointed.

Indianapolis, IN


Great for Skype


Picture this, You have lived near your family all of your married life, just a  hour away from both sets of parents. you get together often and enjoy EVERY minute of it. Your husband finishes his doctorate degree and gets a really awesome job 2700 miles away from anything and everything that you have ever know.You get to your newly purchased home and are sobbing because even though you should be happy you can't seem to find it in your heart to like this new world that you have been thrown into.Then one day a package arrives in the mail. It is a small box containing a Web cam with instructions on how to start a Skype account and set the web cam up on your computer. This small box has become the lifeline to the world that you left behind. That is what happened to me. I loved my web cam from the minute that it came out of the box.It has a clip to put it on the monitor, video conference capabilities and a built in speaker. I am not sure the cost of this device but whatever it was, it has been awesome!

Logan, UT


Affordable and works great!


The Logitech C250 Network Camera is fantastic! I work from home and sometimes I am required to have meetings. i use this webcam to have all my meetings! It delivers clear picture and excellent sound. The other great thing about it is it runs you about 35 bucks at the store! What a steal! There are a few quirks however, and that's the color... it's not always right. Sometimes I am black and white, which is tolerable, but when I'm lime green, it's not. So ALWAYS make sure to have good light source with this cam, you'll need it! :)

Brandon, FL


Fun and easy to install!


My 14 year old son received this web-cam for Christmasand he installed it in just minutes. We love the quality and have enjoyed using it to communicate with those friends and family who also have a web-cam. We love Logitech and use other products such as keyboards and computer mouse and we were not disappointed.

Orlando, FL


Logitech C250 Webcam

4.5 4