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Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

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The anywhere mouse mx is the best portable mouse ever


So I was looking for a portable mouse that I could use with my macbook when doing CAD work and handling spreadsheets on the go. I already have the big brother of this one, the performance mouse mx, and I love that mouse too on my desktop. I figured this one would be as good, and it is! The sensitivity and tracking is super smooth, you can customize the mouse buttons to your liking, and you get many options. The scrolling wheel is amazing, once you try it you will never want to go back to the old clicking scrolling wheels. Also, the pouch that it comes with is very elegant. Even though the mouse is small, it's ergonomic shape fits into your palm very well. The only con I would have is that it might feel too small for people with big hands, but then all portable mice are about this size. Great mouse, I would recommend it to anyone.

Austin, TX


Dissappointed with Macbook pro


So, I was excited for this mouse because of the great design, functionallity, and tracking. I wanted to use this mouse for my dual boot Windows7/macOSX macbook pro 2010 13 inch. Being that this was mac and pc compatible, I thought this would ensure I wouldn't run into problems installing. Unfortunetly, the mouse would run into problems ever so often. It would jump almost like it would loose connection and then reconnect. Also, it would not response other times. I am very computer savy and still have problems with it. I installed on both operating systems, used various firmwares downloaded from logitech, used no software at all and plug-and-play, used included cd, EVERYTHING and still this mouse would "jump." I thought maybe it was a bad seed. Turns out that it is a common problem with those with macbook pros. Logitech's response it that when the unifying reciever is touching metal, it has interferance. Of course since the macbook pro only has usb ports on the left side this would be a huge problem. When the mouse was about 2 inches from the receiver AND nothing was obstructing it. It would work. However, when I moved it to the right side of the laptop (as any right handed mouse user would do) it would no longer work. I also noticed that when playing games it was more problematic than when just on the main os screen.

Goleta, CA


love this wireless mouse


I have used many wireless mouse in my day and this is the best one so far.  It is a small, portable mouse, designed for travel use with laptops but I use it daily with my desktop.  It utilizes Logitech's unified receiver technology, which allows you to connect multiple wireless devices to just one USB receiver, saving your USB ports for use for other devices.  The other benefit is that the USB receiver is extremely small.  In fact, the receiver portion itself is smaller than the USB connector.  This allows you to plug it into your laptop and never remove it, even when transporting the laptop around.  The mouse itself has a compartment to store the receiver so that it will never get lost.  There is also an on/off switch.  Now the best part of this mouse is that it works anywhere, even on glass! I tested their claims and it is true.  One place I have had trouble using the mouse is on my bed, where the bedsheets I guess aren't flat enough for the laser to track.  The mouse includes a carry case.

East Brunswick, NJ


Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

4.0 3