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Loestrin Birth Control Pills

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Not great


I have been feeling quite bloated since starting this pill and although I have only been on it for about 4 months, I feel that the feeling I constantly have, It is not worth the wait for me to adjust to it. I also have come on my period twice, sometimes three times in one month which is not good either. The only good thing is that it makes my periods lighter than usual but most pills do.




Loestrin Birth control side effects bad


Oh,where do I start with this drug.I was given 3 months of this Loestrin birth control pills from my ob,I have been taken them for 1 and a half months and its horrible.I wake up with nausea(feel like spitting)my head hurts so badly it feels like migraine that has made my mood angry all the time ,and went I 'm not angry I'm depress ,I have been gaining alot of weight after 2 weeks of using this drug I thought I was pregnant.In fact this is the 2nd time I test myself for pregnancy.I have never had side effects like this with any birthcontrol.Also, your period is shorter which is not a good thing for me since,I don't find it natural for your body to maintain all that old blood longer.I didn't pay for this out of pocket ,and I wouldn't ,no wonder it was givin to me for free.I have schedule an appointment with my ob for next week for new birthcontrol.Before using this Loestrin pills I was on Trinessa,yes I felt kind of dry(dry skin)and very light headaches.But, with Loestrin you literally feel like your going to faint.


Houston, TX




I've been prescribed many different types of birth control pills over the years but this was by far the worst one! I can't even believe the terrible side effects and changes I went through for it. I had gone to my doctor because of extremely heavy and  very painful periods. They also were very irregular. I thought that this would help regulate it and make it more manageable but I was wrong. Not only did my periods remain just as heavy and painful but they also seemed to last an extra day! Other problematic side effects were that I would sometimes feel shortness of breath and get lightheaded. It also seemed to take away my appetite, which you'd think would be a good thing but NO, It made me gain weight some how! My chest grew a cup size. I guess something in this made my hormones act up. I found that to be odd since this was such a low dose. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend this to any woman but who knows? Maybe it's just me!


Hazleton, PA


6 months, and the side effects get WORSE


I have been on this for 6 months.  At first, it made me horribly tired, but I stuck with it because of the theory that you need a couple of months to adjust.  The side effects have gotten worse over time, including extreme fatigue, sore breasts, no periods (which might be good, but is unsettling when they don't warn you), lightheadedness, headaches, inability to focus, hair loss, and feeling fat, despite the fact that I am rail thin.  I feel like I have a fat collection right on my stomach area that won't go away, and I've never had anything like it before.  I think my breasts might be slightly bigger, but feeling this awful isn't worth it.  This drug isn't worth the risk that you'll feel this awful (by which I mean you'll feel tired and fat all the time).


San Antonio, TX


A birth control pill without heinous side effects.


This is the very first birth control pill I've tried. I'm now in month four and they said that the most severe side effects happen within the first 3 months of using a new pill. I had very few side effects and have been happy with the results. There were no major mood swings or anything at all. I dealt with some random spotting during the first few months, but that has lessened and now hasn't happened at all in month 4. My periods have become a little bit lighter and shorter and obviously I haven't become pregnant. I believe this is a good birth control option. I know everyone's bodies react differently, but I've been very happy with it. I've also heard that the low dose birth control pills usually have less severe side effects. I was very paranoid about trying anything after reading some online reviews, but I think that you just have to try it before you'll know how your body will respond. Also give it awhile to see if your body evens out as it adjusts to the new hormones.


Indianapolis, IN


No side effects and no baby yet!!


Best birth control I've ever tried! Has not ever given me any side effects. Normally I would gain a few pounds with previous birth controls used or I would get bleeding in between periods but with Loestrin my period comes precisely when it is suppose to at the same time every month! I love it and my boyfriend does too, makes our sex life much more relaxing when those "oops I forgot a condom" moments happen.


West Palm Beach, FL


Never again will I try this!


You see the commercials for birth control, promising to have light or fewer periods. You think, hey that might be neat. I would love to unburden myself, save money on monthly supplies, not have any cramps, etc. I asked my doctor for a new prescription for Loestrin. Regret, regret, regret. Almost a week into the new pill, I started having trouble sleeping. Night sweats, nightmares, and general unrest. I wasn't hungry, and while I usually wouldn't complain about losing weight, I realized I wasn't eating at all. The very thought of food made me want to vomit. And then came the crazy. I felt completely out of control, crying (and I'm not a crier), being ridiculously over-emotional. Sure, I didn't get a period. Still got the cramps (worse), bloating (worse), and the crankiness (WAY worse). And there was this horrible heavy sensation in the lower abdomen, like there was a gathering or something. Which, I guess, there is? So I suffered through the month and got my old prescription back. Found many websites where lots of women went through similar circumstances.


Ogdensburg, NJ


Gained weight, terrible mood swinging.


I was on Loestrin Fe for 3 months.  And I have to say, its really screwed with my chemistry. I had mood swings.  I gained weight.  I felt insecure.  I couldn't handle it.  It was really hard for me to focus on anything.  If you consider having Loestrin, do it without the Fe. 


East Lansing, MI


Loestrin Birth Control Pills

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