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Lodge Logic
Lodge Logic Cast-Iron 14-Inch Pizza Pan

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Makes great pizza and more!


Pizza is great when made in this pizza pan. This thick cast iron pan bakes evenly and produces a perfect pizza crust. Not only does this pan make great pizza, it also makes great toast and it does this on the stove-top. Since I've had this pan, I no longer even own a toaster. I've also made small, one serving pizzas on the stove-top by using pita bread for the crust. Just lightly oil the pan, then place the pita bread in the pan and add the toppings. Use a lid so that the heat will be held in to melt the cheese and thoroughly heat the pizza all the way through. This makes a quick, custom made one serving mini-pizza and the pita bread produces a thin, crispy crust. I use medium heat for the burner and keep check on the crust so it won't over brown. Add a salad and an ice cold drink and enjoy! And if pizza just isn't quite what you want, try a grilled cheese sandwich with some chips for a satisfying quick lunch. Let's not forget the most important meal of the day - breakfast. In the morning, use this pan to make homemade pancakes. For a real treat, place banana slices in the pan and pour pancake batter over them to make delicious banana pancakes. Apple slices are also good. This pan makes it so easy and convenient to make a simple meal in a hurry and clean-up is easy. It's definitely one of my most used pieces of cookware.


Steele, AL


I love Lodge!


As with the cast iron frying pan, I am in awe of how affordable and quality Lodge's stuff is. I have recently become passionate about making breads and doughs, and logically, this extended to pizzas. I have been a fan of Lodge ever since I got their cast iron frying pan, so when I saw this pizza pan and its highly reasonable price, I knew i had to get it as well. I have been so pleased with it! I have baked a whole plethora of pizza and pizza related items on it, and they cook evenly (even with my shoddy oven), never stick, and brown on the bottom perfectly! I cannot recommend Lodge products highly enough - though there are better products out there, they cannot beat the price of Lodge stuff. Le Creuset comes to mind as a higher quality brand, but their stuff is so insanely priced that it is hard for those of us on a budget. And that is what makes Lodge - and this pan - so radical. If you need a pizza pan, this is the one I would recommend.




Excellent results


The home made-pizza and already prepared pizzas that need to be cooked came out beautifully in this pan. There were not burn-out or doughy sections. It is easy to clean and best of all, it heats food evenly. Performance It is hard to complain when a pan can be heated at 500 degrees and cook a home-made pizza in less than 12 minutes to the consistency and quality of an Italian restaurant. Ease of Cleaning A simple wipe with a dish cloth is sufficient after the pan has cooled down. Following the general care required to maintain the seasoning of cast iron will keep this pan looking brand-new for generations. Durability Cast iron will last for generations and can be restored and maintained using some simple steps even if treated with neglect. This pan will crack like a pizza stone and requires less care. Design The handles are large enough to get a good grip of the pan to go in and out of the oven. Doesn't Stick The pizza pan comes pre-seasoned from the factory. Additional seasoning will give it a glass-like finish suitable to cook more than just pizza. Several thick steaks for a large group can be done quickly using this one pan.


Sparks, NV


Lodge Logic Cast-Iron 14-Inch Pizza Pan

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