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Lock & Lock
Lock & Lock Eco Mug

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Going Green With The "I Am Not A Paper Cup" Eco Mug


This past Christmas I got a couple of really cool reusable mugs and tumblers; my friends were sick of seeing me throw away paper cups from coffee when we'd go out shopping and I ended up with one of the Eco Cups from Lock & Lock. I love the fact that the cup is microwavable because I can reheat my tea or coffee without having to pour it in to something else than back in to the mug. It cleans up easily and it's dishwasher safe. They are well made and can last a long time if they are properly taken care of but they are not indestructible. I have dropped mine a couple times without any damage but I know that it is only a matter of time before it hits the floor or counter and breaks. The no-slip band around the body of it helps with getting a good grip on it but it would be better if there was a texturing to it. I have seen some Lock & Lock Eco Mugs that have a textured center band but the one that I have just has their logo on it. If you are going green or get a discount at your local coffee shop for supplying your own mug, this is a nice thing to have as long as you remember to take it with you when you leave the house. Tea can stain the inside of it if you don't clean it when you are done using it; I use a baby bottle brush to get the bottom and sides clean when I get home but as soon as I am done with whatever I am drinking out of it I rinse it out to try to keep the stains to a minimum and make it easier to clean when I get home.



Not your average travel mug!


The Lock and Lock Eco Mug is a must have for the avid coffee connoisseur. Rather than go through a pack of paper travel cups in a week, simply wash and reuse this stylish travel mug and be amazed at how long it keeps your coffee warm! It even comes with a "sleeve" around the middle to keep your hands from getting burned. A truly excellent product!



Lock & Lock Eco Mug

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