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Lock & Lock
Lock & Lock Cookplus Ceramic Cookware

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Awesome product


I have owned this Lock and Lock Ceramic Cookware and it is absolutely amazing like only thing I have ever seen or owned before. This ceramic cookware is awesome. I started out at first with just purchasing the Lock and Lock Ceramic Frying Pan and after using it go a while I just had to go and purchase the whole amazing set. I truly do love my whole Lock and Lock Ceramic Cookware set. I have to say it is amazing how absolutely nothing sticks to these pots and pans. No matter how many times I have used them all I have to do is just rinse and wipe out and it is just as shiny and new looking as when I fulirst bought it. The food taste awesome. I had no idea how hood and clean food could taste until I tried this Lock zoned Lock Ceramic Cookware. I would certainly recommend that all of my friends and family purchase this set. Do not waste time go and get it today. You will not regret this purchase. If you are skeptical start out with the Lock and Lock frying pan and then you will not be able to resist purchasing the whole set.



This was the great product I ever tried. So lovely to look at.


Actually I don't have any plan to buy this product, but when I saw it in SM MOA I was amaze by their looks. What caught my attention is their beautiful color. When I ask the sales clerk he explain to me everything until I was convince to buy. So I hurriedly got home and try to use this, it's really good and so easy to cook unlike the other branded product. This is now my favorite cookware, really really love it. Hope you have color violet on your next product... Design Hope to have color violet on your next product.



Truly a revolutionary non-stick cookware


I received a set of Lock & Lock Cookplus Ceramic cookware recently. I have a 7 cup sauce pan and an 10" frying pan. I have used the sauce pan several times already and continue to be amazed with the non-stick coating. Lock & Lock uses an eco-friendly ceramic coating for its line of cookware. The other day I made cheese grits and today I used it for a brown rice pilaf. The pot cleans like nothing has been cooked in it. Typically, the grits and the rice tend to stick to my pots, however this pot is unbelievable. Nothing sticks to it! I use a wooden spoon or one of those plastic spatulas that can withstand high heat so I don't scratch the pot. To clean it, I just put it under the faucet and everything comes out cleanly. I have to say I am truly amazed. I have tried so many different brands and this one beats all hands-down. The only drawback for me is the color-yellow. It is not my favorite color but I did notice they also come in red, green, and blue. The pot is made of aluminum and is coated with a non-toxic ceramic coating. Most non-stick cookware contains PFOA, (abbreviation of Perfluorooctanoic Acid also known as C8) for their coatings. Over time, this can peel or get thinner. Studies have shown that consumption of PFOA could be harmful to your family. In fact, if you read the label carefully the manufacturers tell you to replace your pot if you see pitting or peeling. The Lock & Lock sauce pan I have has a glass lid with a stainless rim. It also has a small steam escape hole that I find intriguing. I have not found any condensation building up inside the lid so my food does not get diluted with water. The pot has a plastic handle and *is not microwave safe*.

Moorestown, NJ


Lock & Lock Cookplus Ceramic Cookware

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