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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Jumbo Sing Along Keyboard

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Watch out! Here come the next singing superstars!


Like most kids, mine love to sing and dance so it was a no-brainer to buy the **Little Tikes Jumbo Sing Along Keyboard** for them.  This is a very popular toy in our household and is the center stage for several concerts given by my budding singing superstars. My husband assembled the musical keyboard and accompanying stool in a short amount of time.  With two eager children impatiently waiting, that's an important factor when purchasing assemble-at-home toys.  Some cool things about the **Little Tikes Jumbo Sing Along Keyboard**: * The four colorful flashing lights make for a fun atmosphere. * There are six different drum beats. * The eight rhythms are fun and upbeat and you can't help but dance along to them. * There are 37 piano keys and simple songs (Pop Goes The Weasel, Three Blind Mice, etc.) can by played on them if you know your piano keys. * There are up and down adjustments on the keyboard for both the volume (very important!) and the tempo. * There is an on/off switch for the microphone (but no volume control).  The microphone can also be put in the attached microphone stand on the keyboard.  This allows your child to play the piano and sing at the same time. * Children can record and then play back their own songs. * There are 10 demo songs, which can be played by pushing one of the two demo buttons.  Your child can play the piano keys during the demo but pushing the other buttons will turn off the demo song. * The accompanying stool is made of plastic and is very sturdy. * The keyboard and the stool are just the right size and do not take up a lot of room.  They easily store in the corner of my family room and are light-weight enough that my children can move them by themselves. * My kids look so darn cute playing the piano and singing with the microphone. As with many toys, there are some minor issues that should be mentioned.  First of all, the keyboard is top-heavy and has been tipped over more times than I can count.  Fortunately, this hasn't resulted in anything getting broken (yet). Also, the attached microphone stand is flimsy and the microphone will not stay in position for a long period of time.  There is a knob that can be turned to tighten it, but my kids have decided that they'd rather put the microphone in the up position rather than deal with tightening the knob several times.   Lastly, because there is no volume control on the microphone, the noise can get irritating on occasion.  I enjoy listening to my children sing, but I can only tolerate incessant screeching to a point.  Overall, I'm very satisfied with the **Little Tikes Jumbo Sing Along Keyboard**.  My children love it and I love that it feeds their musical creativity.  Watch out America, here come the next two singing superstars!



Little Tikes Jumbo Sing Along Keyboard

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