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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Go & Grow Lil` Rollin` Giraffe

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A New Classic


The Little Tikes Go & Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe is the new classic toy for all toddlers! Add this to the stacking cups, rattles, and xylophone. It is super cute, gender neutral, easy to assemble, works well and is sturdy for even the toughest toddlers! My little guy loves this thing! Rides it around the house for hours! Because the two wheels are in front, rather than in back, it is easier for the little ones to steer and balance. It doesn't tip as easily as ride ons with only one wheel up front. Little Tikes products are also Made in the USA, that is a HUGE selling point for me! I am always more inclined to support companies that still operate in America rather than selling out to other countries for cheaper parts and labor. Little Tikes is also a brand that can be trusted as it had been around for what seems like forever. I have four children and we own a ton of Little Tikes products and I will continue to buy this brand as it does not disappoint.

Chesterfield, NJ


Go & Grow Rollin Giraffe cute and fun


I just put the Little Tiks Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe together for my nine-month-old son. The assembly was easy and the giraffe is very cute. It seems to be the sturdy quality I have come to expect from Little Tykes products. The giraffe has two front wheels and one wide back wheel. The back wheel has a fender on it for safety. The seat has two different positions so that it can grow with your child. My three-year-old is loving it right now, but probably just because it is new. My nine-month-old has sat on it and can push it a little. The giraffe has no peddles, it is just pushed along by their feet which is perfect for this young age. It is light weight and small so it would be easy to take along to the park and it not too bulky for inside play. I would try to find it on sale as the price seems a little high otherwise. I hope I will be able to pass this toy down and would recommend it to a friend.

Saint Louis, MO


Cute but will be outgrown quickly


My son received this for his first birthday and, while not his favorite toy, he definitely enjoys it. It has taken him a month to be able to scoot forward on it on his own and he loves it when I push him on it around the house (although that is a back-breaker!). The assembled giraffe isn't that much bigger than the box it comes in so I'm not sure why Little Tikes doesn't make it with more pieces already pre-assembled in the box, but luckily it itsn't hard to assemble. We forgot to put the stickers on, which is no big deal. My son can't walk by himself yet, but he enjoys standing in the front of the giraffe and holding the handles to walk around with the giraffe to help his balance like a walker. I know once he hits 2 he won't be too interested in this toy anymore so for that reason I don't think it is worth the retail price. But as a hand me down, it would be something I'd get again. It's cute and durable but maybe try out a friend's ride on toys first to make sure your baby will like it before spending all the money on this thing.

Folsom, CA


Little Tikes Go & Grow Lil` Rollin` Giraffe

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