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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Bubbly Bellies Boubly Hippo Bubble Blower

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Simply doesn't work


This was purchased as a gift for my son because he loves bubbles.  We opened the package and following the instructions explicitly.  Two bubbles were produced despite multiple attempts throughout the day.  The problem appears to be a design flaw.  The bubble liquid doesn't cover the "air hole," and therefore, no bubbles are produced. We tried a few different troubleshooting ideas, but nothing worked. This was disappointing since my son loves bubbles and was very excited.  After our failed attempts, we checked online and saw that we were not alone. Apparently this is very common; it's surprising that this item is still available considering the problems that people have with it.  I did read that older versions of this toy tended to work quite well, and that only the newer versions (those made in the last year or two) were the models that people complained about.  I guess I should try to find an old one at a yard sale!

Kinston, NC


Little Tikes Bubbly Bellies Boubly Hippo Bubble Blower

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