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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Activity Garden


Interactive and engaging, Little Tikes Activity Garden™ combines essential infant play patterns with fun and whimsy to help baby grow and develop. 

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Great Toy


The Little Tikes Activity Garden is truly bursting with activities. I have two boys, ages 3 & 1 who absolutely love it. They get hours of creative play from this fun toy (not all at once, of course)! This enclosed play area is so durable that I feel completely safe with my children playing in it. It is such a versatile set up. It can easily be transformed into a double-sided play area and even has the option of seated play for babies who can't walk yet. Both of mine are walking, so we haven't really used this feature, but it's nice to have. My favorite aspect of transforming it is that no tools are required. The play panel has so many great sensory motor activities, including spinning gears, clicking bugs, a mirror and even buttons that play songs. There's a shape-sorting mailbox, a telescope, a flower pot to drop balls into, an opening and closing door with a piano and an archway that is perfect for crawling through. I feel like this is so much more than a toy. It's truly a fun, hands-on learning center. I highly recommend this no matter how many children you have!

Dallas, TX


Cute but very small


My daughter got this toy for her 1st birthday and while it is very cute, it is very small. the slide was not usable even at one year old because the bar over the top was lower than her head so she couldnt properly sit on it to slide down. She does enjoy playing with the mailbox and the ball activity area, but overall it is kinda simple with no bells or whistles.

Waddell, AZ


Little Tikes Activity Garden

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