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Little Giant Ladders
Little Giant Ladders M22 Type 1 Aluminum Ladder


Strength, Safety and Versatility in a 19 ft. Aluminum Ladder

The Little Giant Ladder gives you the convenience of 24 ladders in one. Whether you need a short step ladder for hanging picture frames or a long extension ladder for cleaning out gutters, the 24-in-1 Little Giant Type 1 Alta-One Ladder can be configured to meet your climbing needs. You'll get the ultimate in strength, safety and versatility in a ladder than can be used safely on stairs, ramps, curbs, docks or other uneven surfaces.

Made from the same material used in aerospace construction, the 19 ft. aluminum ladder is ultra-strong while remaining light and portable. This sturdy ladder has a weight rating of 250 lbs. and will stand up to the rigors of many jobs around the home. It folds down into a compact size making it easy to carry and to store, taking up only 5 ft., 7 in. of space in your garage. Compare that to the space you'd need to store multiple ladders, and it's not even close. Count on quality performance for years to come. Little Giant Ladders are made in China, comply with OSHA standards and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Love it!


If you have ever watched an infomercial on television and saw this product advertised, there is no wonder why someone would purchase this product! The infomercial on this product, is actually accurate. This is the best ladder system ever. We have owned the Little Giant aluminum ladder for a few years now and it had not disappointed us! While it is a little pricier than most ladders, when you figure you are actually getting many ladders in one, it is actually a bargain. Also a space saver since you aren't filling your garage or basement with multiple ladders. This thing is great! Super versatile. Can be used in so many different configurations to make any job easier to get to. Even can be used on steps!!! It made that difficult stairwell much easier to get to and paint! This is a must have! Great gift for a new homeowner as well!! Think housewarming gift... Highly recommend it to all! Lightweight so it can be used by anyone.


Chesterfield, NJ


Perfect ladder, especially for awkward to reach spaces


I figured all ladders were the same until I used a Little Giant Aluminum M22 Type 1 Ladder. This ladder has made it possible for me to reach odd spaces around my house without risking my safety. I love the way this ladder can morph into different positions and stay locked into place by the safety tabs. I have never once felt or heard any creakiness when shifting weight on the steps for the most part. There is a little wiggle in the ladder when fully extended, but I don't fear it sliding around when I'm against a vertical structure because the leg caps are very grippy. I find that the wheels are a nice feature for transportation, but I don't use them because this ladder is extremely light. I can easily carry this ladder with one hand by my side without leaning to the other side to counter the weight. I would definitely recommend the Little Giant Aluminum M22 Type 1 Ladder because it can be used to reach awkward spaces without putting health at risk.


Westchester, IL


Best on the market


I love this ladder and it is the only one I will use. I have gone through many ladders and have had many scares from unstable ladders while trying to clean out gutters and get on roofs. I finally said forget this and went to the store to find a ladder that I could trust. I climbed on this ladder and never looked back. It is made out of aluminum so I never have to worry about rusting and weather damage again. This is what caused me to need new ladders previously. I also do not have to worry about carrying it around because it is so light I can do it by myself now. The best feature is that adjustable extra legs on the side that allow you to have unsurpassed stability never found in other ladders. I do not have to worry about having someone down below to hold the ladder while I reach across to clean gutters anymore. I simply just feel stable even ten feet in the air. I love this piece of equipment and it is so close to being my favorite invention!




Little Giant Ladders M22 Type 1 Aluminum Ladder

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