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Little Debbie
Little Debbie - Cosmic Brownies

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Tasty little treat!


My children love little Debbie cosmic brownies. With the rich chocolate brownie taste and the candy bites on the top these brownies its a great after school snack. They are not as good as the regular little Debbie brownies with the nuts on top, but the kids love the little chocolate candies.



Very delicious!


I love me some cosmic brownies, always have! When I was in school, they were always the "dessert" that I wanted to be put in my lunch bag. These brownies are quite moist, and the icing really sets it all off. Small and convenient, they are also pretty easy to carry in my purse or even a pocket if its on a pair of loose pants. Not that I have ever done either of those *wink*. I would definitely recommend this product to others!



Cosmic Brownies look gross, but they are AWESOME!


Cosmic Brownies are the best. Uncomparable for 1.19 a box of 6. Little Debbie's best treat.  I know what you are thinking .They look disgusting. They look slimy, and gross.  Well you are wrong! They are so good. They are a little bit too small, and sometimes I need to eat 2 packs, but they sure are tasty. I have also tried their Fudge Brownies, with the nuts in. These are also very good, but not quite comparable. There are also some places that have brownie sundaes, and use these brownies. Those are the best! I reccomend these.

Platteville, WI


Little Debbie - Cosmic Brownies

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