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Litter Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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Very good


Good mashcin and ia went




ABSOLUTELY the BEST automatic cat litter box on the market!


This is the fourth automatic litter box I have tried.  I am on a limited income but love my cat.  So I tried others first because of the price.  It was a waste of money.  I PROMISE YOU, I have had this litter box for almost 2 years now, and it is absolutely the BEST thing that will ever happen to you and your cat. I am retired, brought my cat with me, and live in Cancun, MX.  Shipping here is difficult.  Receiving any shipping, other than FedEx, is doubtful.  It is either takes over a month, is lost or stolen.  The company was new and not willing to ship directly to me.  So I had it shipped to my daughter in San Francisco, and she brought it on the plane to visit me.  I would have preferred that the company agreed to my request to ship it to me by FedEx.  Perhaps they now do that.  My daughter bringing it on the plane from San Francisco was not the best move I ever made, but she has forgiven me!  I can absolutely 100% guarantee that this will make the life of you and your cat better than you EVER imagined.  Yes, it is a bit expensive, but not more expensive than trying all of the cheaper brands first!  And how does price compare to you and your cat being happy?  I can go back to the USA to visit my kids for over a month at a time, and my maid only checks to see if my honey has food and water, and NEVER has to change the litter!  I find NO DUST and absolutely NO SMELL.  It is the best automatic cat litter box on the market! If you have a cat and love it like you love your kids and have questions, please email me at harleymom@harleymom.com.   Twyla Robinson


Brookings, SD


Wish I bought one years ago.


Pros: no smell, easy to use, easy to empty, less tracking, so much better than any other box we've tried. Runs quiet, lots of great helpful hints on how to get cats to warm up to it from customer service. Cons: Expensive, control panel on front switch in the back (they suggested press and seal over the panel to keep it clean...effective solution for current problem). Very large, doesn't fit into any space easily. We still LOVE it, best expense I've ever made. We have 3 cats, all did not warm up to it right away. Took a week for all to become adjusted, and we baited it nightly with catnip and kept it turned off and only ran it when they where not around so not to care them. The company was great to give other suggestions. we still keep a regular box in basement incase they get locked in elsewhere and can't get to the box. The litter robot is in the main part of the house, which is why I decided to purchase, regular box in main living area (GROSS!!) Goes 3 or 4 days without needing cleaned. Fits regular trash bags, I buy cheap scented, every little bit helps ;)


Hilliards, PA


The company does not honor its warranty when the robot fails.


I would have to give this litter box the worst review because it is very expensive and the company doesn't want to replace parts or understand problems with the machinery.  Instead they tell you it's your fault for the failure.  The robot is cool looking and sounded like such a great idea.  It looked great on arrival and our 2 cats adjusted well to it.  However the litter always spilled out after it turned.  It eventually stopped rotating and we had to manually press the button to get it to operate. It is very hard to clean as well.  The litter robot started to rotate with our cats inside we tried the technical support advice but our 2 cats kept coming out of the robot full of litter and refused to use it after Puma got stuck in it.  We got no where with customer support and were told we didn't know what we were doing.  Bottom line the litter robot is not reliable and I can not recommend it.


Washington, DC


Looks like a spaceship!


My husband wanted this for a long time, it took one of our cats a month or so to use and the other won't go near it!  It does a great job cleaning the litter so there is less for a human to do on a daily basis.  We do have some trouble with it getting stuck as it turns.  Seems there was a wiring problem.  My  husband was able to fix it.  You can go online and find out what the beeps and such mean.  Every few months you do need to really clean it.  This is a chore as the rubber inside takes a while to dry.  I think the product is well made and fun.


Northport, NY


Litter Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box Is Sweet!


I purchased this litter box Dec 2010 and its the best thing I ever did. When you have several cats that have different personalities that have litter box issures this is your friend. Lets me tell ya how much time this little baby has saved me. I was having to be in the bedroom where the litter box is 2 times an hour or one cat would poop on the floor if another cat had used it before them. When you work from home and have orders to get finished and printed it was getting to be to much. When I came across this machine it was the best thing that could of happened to me. I set it up in minutes and had it rotating to set it self like it needed to be within 10 minutes. You have to use a clumping litter and after a short amount of time (7-10 minutes) after the cat has used it it will start to rotate to the left moving the litter around into a chamber that keeps the good litter it separates the waste litter and poop by a screen that keeps it up top and drops it down through a door that opens and drops it into the draw that I only have to change one time a week. It looks like a big round globe with a hole in the middle. I got the one with the bubble on the back side to give a litter more room for my stevie he's a big boy not fat just big. I have found that using the the natural litter that looks like pine is great in this machine. I use that plus one cup of Fresh step the brown lid one for muliti-cats that I mix into it and you do not get a smell. Its the best thing. I love this machine. My cats sit there to be able to see it rotate there heads move to the left then the right with the movements of the machine. One cat loves this thing so much that when he hears it going off he will go in just to watch it. To cute. If you have a busy life and have cat(s) get this one its great.


Gautier, MS


The Best Litter Box, Ever!


I ordered the Litter Robot online after being fed up with traditional litter boxes. Even though it was pricey, they have a good return policy, so I decided to give it a go. Setting it up was really easy as it comes in two units and all you have to do and put the top on and plug it in. The bags they give you are helpful, but short and make a mess if they get full. I had to learn some tricks along the way because I ended up cleaning my Robot once every two weeks and the website said you only need to clean it once every 6 months. I get big garbage bags, the ones you use for leaves and wrap it around where the poo goes. I also fill the litter up whenever I empty out the bags. I've found whenever you don't put enough litter in poop gets all over the sides and starts to stink up the place. I also clean the outside every week because dust and some poop tend to stick to the opening slots. One of cats also pees over the side, so I have to take bleach and squirt that area. But, he poops in it good. When I do have to clean out the Robot, it is a chore! It takes around an hour to an hour and a half to get everything completely out. But, it's a good product to have in your household if you have multiply cats. Also, now I don't have to get the multiply cat, fresh step litter. I can just get any regular clumping litter and it's fine. If it does get smelly it's because I need to take out the bags.


Sacramento, CA


love love love love it!!!!!


I never knew what I was missing until I took a chance with the Litter Robot. I continued to puchase Litter Maids which would fail to work after about 1 year of use. Thought about it and thought about it and finally decided to take a chance. COuldn't wait until the "Bot came in the mail. Finally the day came and the UPS man arrived with a HUGE box with a picture of a futuristic litter box on the side. I was so excited and my cats were NOT enthused. I hooked it up read directions. It seemed to work at first and then it was a no go! It didn't work! Never fear though! The customer service at the Litter Robot company it top notch they had a new one in the mail before I could even blink. They took care of the shipping for the broken one and took me step by step through the hook up of the new one (even though it was quite easy). This one works great have had it for almost 2 years and I love it. SOOOO easy and no special boxes, bags or litter to purchase. The cats DID take a little while to get used to it but now that they are they LOVE it. They are quite finicky about the litter pan being as clean as possible and it always is!   Sooo easy to clean too. You won't regret this purchase...I promise.


Jacksonville, FL


No more smelling poop!!!


I love this invention!!!  Everyone needs one if you have a cat.  I've had it for 5 years and love it!  All you have to do is change the trash bag twice a week (that's my preference because I have 2 cats and it tends to fill up).  Anyone that says it's messy is not correct.  After years of having it, I have learned to keep up with the trash part.  The dome crackeda few years ago and they sent me a new dome without any hassle.  I just wish I had the newest one...then I would only have to change the bag once a week.   People may say it's an eye sore but nothing is nastier than an open litter box for the world to see and smell!!!  Think about it!


Waxhaw, NC


Wish it had worked for my cats


When this arrived in my home the box was bigger than my child.  When we removed th litter box from its packaging we thought perhaps this is teh litter box a cat on the Starship USS Enterprise woudl use.  Its futuristic design made for some fun conversation as we attempted to put it together.  This was amazingly simply (even a Klingon could do it), and before long we were reveling to the quite sound of its whirring as it sifted the litter back and forth. Since I, like most humanoids, do not enjoy cleaning my cat's box, I was super excited about its design and how it sifted the litter into the bottom tray, which can be lined with cheap garbage bags, not expensive liners liek so many other devices.  It did take up a lot of space, my cat's normal box placement was under a sink in my laundry room, but this was way too tall for that and came to live in front of my basin instead. My one cat (perhaps the more courageous of the 2) had no problems with his new futuristic toilet.  He climbed right in, did his business and went off again in search of more Tribbles, I mean Kibbles.  My other cat (who I will from here on out refer to as the scaredy cat) was more reluctant.  In fact he decided that the floor in front of the device was a much better place to go instead of inside. This unfortunate behavior went on for about 10 days, at which time we reluctantly shipped the product back to the manufactuer for a refund


Winder, GA


Litter Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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